Family Camping Checklist: Everything Needed for a Family Camping Trip

family camping checklist

The camping and caravan industry is worth $49.9 billion globally.

Camping is an exciting way of relaxing and bonding with our family. It allows us to connect with nature and, thus, disconnect us from things that stress us.

Family camping can be quite involved due to the multiple preparations you should make with the kids. From packing clothes to meals, you should have a great family camping checklist to keep you organized and avoid forgetting important things.

If you are looking forward to going camping with your family, include the following camping supplies in your checklist.

Camping Gear

Pack the right accommodation tools and equipment as per the size of your family. If your family is large, it will be imperative to hire or buy bigger tents which offer excellent accommodation.

Examples of the camping gear to add to your checklist include the tent, sleeping bag and pad, the pillows, mattresses, and lanterns. You may also consider carrying a chair and a table for maximum protection and comfortability when eating.

Camping gear consists of the most important things for the camp, and you should, therefore, include everything.

Kitchen Supplies

The type and size of kitchen equipment to carry will depend on the size of your family, and how long the camping trip will take. If you intend to stay for an extended period, it will be more affordable to prepare your food than to eat in hotels.

However, you should use simple recipes that won’t take much time and effort. For instance, you may consider cooking with pie irons to save on gas and other cooking costs.

The other cooking supplies you should pack include the mugs, knives, cups, bowls, water bottles, and other cooking utensils.


Remember to pack the right clothes for you and your children. If the camp site is cold, then it will be advisable to carry warm clothes.

Your clothes checklist includes daytime clothes, sleepwear, rainwear, and swimsuits. You can also add several pairs of shoes for each child, gloves, hats, and any extra clothing that provides warmth.

Find out the expected weather conditions for your camping sites to pack the right clothes.

Personal Items

There are multiple personal items that you can leave out. They are not mandatory, but they make your stay at the campsite more meaningful and comfortable.

These personal items include sunscreens, toothbrush, sanitizer, soap, and a basin. You may also pack a first aid kit for handy treatment if anyone gets hurt or sick in the camping site.


You can carry some toys for your kids if they are still young. The toys will keep your children busy and engaged throughout. Also, you can pack pet items if you will carry your pet with you.

Don’t forget to carry your smartphones and a camera too. Ensure that the camera has an excellent lens to help you capture every moment you spend there.

Prepare the Family Camping Checklist Early Enough

Do not wait till the last minute to start preparing the family camping checklist. You should prepare it at least one month before the event.

When you write it early, you will avoid forgetting the essential things. Furthermore, you will have enough time to keep adding more items to the camping list before the big day arrives.

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