What Golf Wedges Do I Need?

Golf Wedges

Wedges are a vital part of every golf game. According to research, around a quarter of all shots played in golf are played with a wedge.

They help to save pars or create birdies, but can cause problems for the golfer who are struggling around the greens, if they don’t use the right type of wedge, for that shot.

To play a great game, it is essential to carry the wedges that add to your game and help score. If you are a beginner and truly want to improve your game, you will need to get wedges designed for high handicappers. Wedges may appear to be basic clubs, which are not as advanced as irons or driver in terms of technology – but that is totally not true.Visit Abunda for finance golf clubs, they’re offering great payment plans.

There are different types of wedges that vary in specifications. This means you should try to find a wedge that suits your needs and swing. Here we have described the different types of wedges, their features, and pros.

Pitching Wedges 

Pitching wedge is the first and most common type of wedge. With a loft between 44 to 48 degrees, it is used primarily for full shots into the greens and for some longer chip shots.

Most of the modern sets are inclined towards lower lofted or stronger pitching wedge to blend with the longer-hitting iron designs. While creating a gap for the gap wedge. 

Gap Wedges 

The aptly named gap wedge fills the gap between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. It is occasionally referred to as the utility wedge or the attack wedge.

The gap wedge has a loft between 50 to 53 degrees. It is largely suited for fuller shots and is added to a player’s bag to offer more variety near the green for pitched that do not involve full swing and longer chips.

Sand Wedges

Sand wedges have a range of 54 to 58 degrees. They were initially designed, as their name suggests, to escape from the greenside bunker, because of the wide and heavier design of its sole. You can check the list of sand wedges on Golf Depends for poof of just how perfect they are for bunker shots.

For the chips and bunker shots around the greens, this was the club used for a long time. As it was the highest lofted club in the bag of a player, but then came the lob wedge along.

Lob Wedges

The newest wedge design is that of the lob wedge. This wedge has a loft of 60 to 64 degrees, which allows the golfers to produce more height and spin near the greens. It is used mostly to hit chips, bunker shots and flop shots than full shots. 

Square Strike Wedge

Golf has many aspects that a golfer has to fight to overcome. Short game and wedge shots played around the green, which cannot be hit using a full swing, have proven to be extremely expensive for the golfers, well for most of them. 

The answer to this problem is the Square Strike Wedge.​ Although it looks like a wedge, its​         function is almost exactly like the chipper. It is a hybrid between a putter and a standard wedge.

The Square Strike Wedge has been designed, to improve the square clubface contact with the ball, to create better roll and improve the accuracy of the shot.



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