It is always a challenging decision to select perfect womens raincoats when one round up a wide variety of these. Even, multiple questions come in mind while choosing these like whether it will keep us dry perfectly or not, whether it is good for winter or will it be comfortable in wearing or is it heavy, durable or breathable or not? 

While there are number of umbrellas which are available in the market, they normally do not provide as much protection from rainwater as that of raincoats. In this sense, these are always priority for women to keep themselves safe and comfortable. Thereby, everywoman needs a quality raincoat that must protect the clothes from getting wet with comfort and must keep the warmth very well.

Here are few factors that must be kept in mind before buying perfect raincoats:

  • They should not be too tight: Tight are always uncomfortable so these must not be too tight that they may cause irritation. Furthermore, tight ones restrict the flow of blood that is quite unhealthy and dangerous.
  • Effective Waterproof performance: Raincoats should protect perfectly from getting wet. It is the prime motive to be safe from being wet. So, they must be lined up with such protective coating that perfectly saves coat from getting wet
  • Choose breathable: don’t buy those that cause odour of sweat and take long time to dry out.
  • Light and warm: Heavier raincoats are just like burden especially in the season of rain when people are in hurry to find safe place. Also, in winter season, women need to be warmth. Mostly, warmer coats are heavier and thicker in nature. But the best is one that has both qualities little lighter in weight and warmer in nature.

Raincoats features: 

             Apart from above key characters, there are also other major features must be kept in mind before opting these with perfection. These features are; Seam taping, Zippers, pockets and pack ability.

  • Seam taping:       A true rain jacket must be fully seam taped in order for it to be fully waterproof. It is a common practice on merely water-resistant jackets to have seam taping. But, do not assume lack of seam taping indicates poor quality in a soft-shell.
    • Zippers:        From the front opening to pockets to pit zips, most jackets have zips. To keep water from seeping through zippers needs a rubberized coating or a storm flap- commonly called as laminated zippers.
    • Pockets:       Pockets, especially with waterproof zippers, will increase the price of a jacket. Some jackets have so many pockets that you might be tempted to decide not choose your pack.
  • Pack ability:     Ultra-light, no bulky fabric always makes raincoats easier to pack while heavier jackets are quite difficult to pack.

Hence, it has been finalized that for buying a perfect women raincoats one should follow all above features. These will answer to your all question about comfort, protection capacity, durability and best price because without assessment of these individual features none can select ideal raincoats.


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