5 parts of your home you could turn into your very own gym

5 parts of your home you could turn into your very own gym

If the pandemic has tied you to your home, whether due to a lockdown or your own concerns about leaving the house, then visiting that gym down the road is probably out of the question. In that case, why not set up your own gym at home? After all, that six-pack won’t develop itself…

Furthermore, several parts of your residence could lend themselves surprisingly well to being purposed as gym space. Here are some examples of rooms ripe for effective conversion. 


A garage is often a good candidate for conversion; you probably use it just for storing your car, if you even have that. Your garage gym setup could start with just a pair of dumbbells, a good mat and, for when you need to rest between workout sessions, a chair.

However, you could go yet further by having a rock-climbing wall built in your garage. Good Housekeeping notes that you can easily create this wall through fitting a set of rock-climbing holds.


A basement is another example of a frequently wasted asset, not to mention a potentially drab one. That’s why, if you’re going to turn your basement into a home gym, you should make sure you splash the space with bold paint color, while putting up some statement art can complement that look.

Meanwhile, an inspiring quote added to one of the basement walls could just be what you need to get your motivation revving again when it’s in danger of flagging. 


Turning a corner of your bedroom into a gym certainly has its advantages; the equipment will be at close hand from the moment you wake up, while you don’t need too much space for a yoga mat or workout machine. You could also add a foam roller to help ease muscle tightness and soreness. 

Nonetheless, you might have heard opinions from experts that you should reserve the bedroom for sleeping, and turn your attention to making your living room a fitness space instead.

Living room

Professional bodybuilder Robert Lemus tells Thrillist that it takes just “a few quick changes” to convert a living room into a home gym. 

He explains: “Move big furniture to the side of the room, allowing you enough space to stand and have a yoga mat on the ground. This can be an excellent space to work out, especially if you like to exercise while binge-watching Netflix.”


If your loft – like many a loft – is going unused, now could be a good time to transform it into a gym. When converting the loft, you could opt for raised loft boarding, such as that available from Instaloft, to help protect the space’s insulation. You don’t want to feel chilly while exercising!

Your loft could, however, make an especially good backdrop for your get-fit efforts if it includes a stunning view of the outside, as windows in that space – whether already there or added as part of a conversion – could afford you. You could feel like you are working outside – without actually being there.


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