How to Keep Your Car Clean without a Garage

Your Car Clean without a Garage

A car is a critical asset these days. We rely on it heavily to get us from one point to another. For this reason, the car should be kept in the best possible conditions to keep it functioning at its best for as long as possible. One of the most important considerations you must have when thinking about a car is where it will be housed. Not everyone has a garage to keep their vehicles in. As such, these people have to develop creative ways to keep their cars secure and clean. Some of these measures include:

Portable Carports

For people who don’t have a garage, a carport is the next best thing. Carports are an ideal way of keeping your car clean and safe from the elements. There are two types of portable carports. First, there is the traditional one that is big and can protect your car from weather conditions from rain to snow. It’s beloved by many since it doesn’t need to be operated after installation.

Furthermore, you can disassemble it and move it to wherever you desire, giving it an advantage over the fixed garages. Apart from the traditional one, you can also use lanmodo carports. They are great in all sorts of climatic conditions and are quite friendly during installation.

Wax Regularly

Waxing your car, especially if you don’t have a garage, is quite important. Apart from making the car look very nice and shiny, the wax creates an extra layer of protection for the paint. When exposed to the elements for a long time, the paint starts to chip away slowly. The wax helps keep the paint job looking awesome for longer and keeps the car easy to clean.

Avoiding Trees

Although most people will park under trees to keep the car’s interiors from getting very hot, it’s not recommended if your objective is to keep the vehicle clean. Trees that shed leaves often drop their needles, twigs, sap, and even branches in the car. This can ruin the delicate paint job on these cars or even crack a window. Instead, you can invest in a nice sunshade, which will keep the car as cool as you’d like it to be.

Visit the Car Wash

Not having a garage does not give you the excuse you need not keep the car as clean as possible. Most people with a garage buy small car wash machines to clean their vehicles from the comfort of their homes. In your case, going to the carwash is inevitable if keeping their car clean is a priority. During the winter, the salt melts the ice on the roads and corrodes the metal parts when left unattended. It’s therefore good practice to visit the car wash as much as you can. They will work on both your interiors and exterior, leaving your car looking and smelling fantastic.

Although a garage is nice, not having one should not be your excuse for having a dirty car. With these strategies highlighted above, you can ensure that although you don’t own a garage, your car is always clean and ready to take on the road.


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