A Guide to Custom Military Challenge Coins

custom military challenge coins

Challenge coins have a long tradition within the branches of the U.S. military. Have you ever wondered why they became a tradition or how members of the military use them?

Military challenge coins are a sign of respect and honor when passed between a commander and a soldier. Members of different branches might also pass coins to each other as a show of recognition and solidarity while protecting our country.

Commanders, squads, and the different military branches can create custom coins to make a statement and stand out from the rest! Keep reading to learn more about custom military challenge coins.

How Did They Start?

Challenge coins first gained prominence during the Vietnam War. At the time, military members would add their insignia to common currency as a show of camaraderie and honor among servicemembers.

Even though these coins were not as ornate and unique as coins today, military members carried them with pride and traded them to boost morale and support each other during deployments.

Today’s custom military challenge coins are a personalized badge of honor that helps identify the officer or squad who gave the coin that becomes part of another’s collection.

Why Share Coins?

Receiving a coin can commemorate an act of bravery. It can also signify a bond between service members or squadrons, or serve to recognize a promotion in rank. In addition, servicemen and women can choose to give a coin for any reason. However, they’re not restricted only to military personnel.

Coins can pass from military members to civilians, and it’s a great honor to receive a coin from anyone in the military who wishes to honor a civilian with this gift.

How Do You Pass a Coin?

It’s not as simple as handing it over! When someone gifts you a challenge coin, they place it in the palm of their hand and reach forward for a handshake. During the handshake with you, they leave the coin in the palm of your hand.

Many times, they’ll explain the history of their customized coin and why they’ve chosen you to receive a coin. They’ll also explain the coin check rules. A coin exchange can be part of a large ceremony, or it can take place in a quiet setting, one-on-one.

What Is a Coin Check?

Challenge coin tradition requires that any time someone calls for a “coin check,” military members must immediately produce their coin and slam it on the table or counter. Anyone who does not have their coin on them for a coin check owes everyone else a round of drinks.

If you ever receive a coin, make sure you keep it on you at all times! You never know when someone might call for a coin check.

Custom Military Challenge Coins Are a Badge of Honor

Giving and receiving custom military challenge coins is a long, well-respected tradition among members of our military. If you ever witness a coin check, you’re in the presence of an honorable tradition!

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