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Homeowners may be in a dilemma about replacing or repairing their air conditioners when it breaks down. Many years have already passed, and government regulations are also changing when it comes to the impact of cooling and heating appliances at home. Today, the manufacturers are already selling units that are more energy-efficient and environment-friendly than those in the ’90s.

If you have an AC system that does not cool your room as it used to be, you might spend a lot on repairs only to face other problems later on. Know more about the common problems of homeowners regarding their AC units when you click here. Other homeowners’ issues are that it can be expensive to get a replacement unit, and it’s just not the right time to get a new one.

Here are some of the factors that can help you decide whether it’s time for a replacement or repair in your home cooling system.

Some of the Factors to Look At

  1. Age

They should determine the age of their AC before deciding for a repair or a replacement for many people. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your appliance every 10 to 12 years. But the replacement can depend on how well the unit was maintained if this is the first time that it’s experiencing the issue, and a lot more.

If your AC is about seven years old, a repair might not be worth it. Unless the job is a simple process such as cleaning, clogged condensers, or worn fan belts, other work types may be quite expensive and not be worth it. Before deciding on anything, it is still better to get advice from the professionals in San Antonio and get them to take a look at your appliance.

  1. Issues with R-22 Freon

The federal government in the United States prohibits and phasing out the units that have R-22 Freon in them. With the new laws, getting freon is very expensive since it comes in limited stock. If your appliance uses Freon, you may eventually need to replace it with a new one that uses R410A as a refrigerant. 

The excellent time to get a replacement for your Freon machine is when it breaks down. If you consulted with companies in San Antonio like Agee’s AC Services and discovered that your air conditioner needs more freon, it might be time to think things through. You can check with new appliances that do not use a harmful gas to the ozone layer. Another advantage is that a new appliance will take a short time to cool your room and be more energy-efficient than the older ones.

  1. Frequency of Breakdowns

If this is the first time that your air conditioner has stopped working, it might be because of simple issues that need quick fixes such as cleaning. But if your AC is continually breaking down in the middle of a hot summer night, it might time to get a replacement. You can check your call logs to see how many times you are calling the technician each month and if it’s a lot, then a new one should be on its way.

The ongoing repairs over time will add a burden to the old unit. Investing in a new air conditioning appliance will save you the headaches and expenses of getting them repaired. In the long run, you can save some money on your bills too.

  1. The Cost of Repairs

If you still can’t decide whether to replace or repair your current air conditioner and over ten years old, it’s time to get a better investment. The repair costs can pile up over time, and you won’t notice that they are already reaching a new unit’s price. 

Implementing a new unit and making your rooms more relaxed in San Antonio is always worth the investment. After all, it will take another ten years before calling a technician again for repairs, and you can be relaxed while sleeping even if it’s hot outside.


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