What Is a Handover Inspection?

handover inspection

Most people will not buy a used home without adding a home inspection contingency to the contract, but what about new construction? Do you need a home inspection on a brand-new house?

With new construction, you can choose to hire a company to perform a handover inspection.

Getting a handover inspection offers a way to protect yourself and learn more about a home’s real value. Continue reading this guide to learn more about handover inspections on new construction.

When You Need a Handover Inspection

Buying a new house might make you think that you wouldn’t have any issues with the home. After all, the house is brand-new. How could it have problems?

Unfortunately, the truth is that new homes can have just as many issues as older homes, so you should get a handover inspection.

Many companies call these pre-handover inspections due to the timing of when you get one. You should schedule it with the best handover inspector in your area just before the home is finished and ready for you to close on it.

Some inspection companies complete several different inspections throughout the construction of a home. If you want the most comprehensive results, you may want to hire a company that provides multiple inspections at different times.

What It Provides You as the Buyer

As the buyer of a new home, a handover inspection provides several essential things.

First, it provides a thorough review of the quality of the home. This inspection will tell you if the contractor used the right materials and built the home properly.

Next, it will reveal issues that you should know before closing on the property. If the home has issues with any area, the inspector will find the problems and include details in the report.

A handover inspection can also help you learn the actual value of the house. Inspectors are skilled in knowing what to look for when completing these inspections, and they base their work off a building handover checklist.

The best part about these inspections is that they check every area of a home. They inspect the major parts, such as the foundation, drywall, and roof. They also check smaller issues, such as measurements of cabinets and plumbing fixtures.

How to Use the Results to Negotiate

When you receive the results from the inspection, you will learn about the home’s condition and any issues the inspector found. The inspector might include a copy of the house handover checklist, and it is helpful to review that.

If the home has issues, you can use the report to negotiate on the home. For example, if they found issues with the foundation, you could ask the builder to fix the problems or compensate you for the cost of the repairs.

Learn More About Inspections

If you plan to build a house or buying new construction, you can benefit from hiring a company to perform a handover inspection.

Handover inspections are thorough and comprehensive and can reveal a lot about a home. If you would like more information about them, check our website for informative articles.


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