Band Saws Types and their Uses

Band Saws

The band saw is a power tool used to cut the stock to size and rough shapes. It’s a saw with a long blade that has a continuous band of metal with teeth between two or more wheels. 

You can see only a part of the blade when you are utilizing this tool, and it comes through a flat surface. On this table, the surface is where you move your workpiece to create saw cuts. Because of the small size, you can create intricate and detailed cuts.

The primary use for the band saw is in woodworking, but you can also use it for lumbering and metalworking. It is instrumental in creating irregular and curved shapes or for uniform cutting action.

The best band saw models have different useful adjustments you can make. To work with bigger workpieces, you can expose more of the saw blade, and you can also adjust speed and allow for angled or mitred cuts.

A crucial thing to keep in mind when buying a band saw is that it has different types; the following are the most important ones:

By shape

There are three different types when it comes to the shape and size of the band saw.

Horizontal Band Saw

This is a potent tool for cutting different large workpieces. It can perfect the most complicated cuts because of its power. The tool can hold the stationary of the material, while the blade cuts down through the piece. If you want to cut long and large materials, like pipes or bar stock, this is the perfect type of band saw.

Horizontal Band Saw

Besides the big horizontal models, there are small ones that use gravity feed adjusted by coil springs. There is also a hydraulic cylinder attached to the adjustable valve to control the descent rate. 

The most common configurations are the scissor-type and dual column. The first configuration has a pivot breaking on the side of the head; the second configuration raises the head on linear guides.

Vertical Band Saw

This is also a popular tool. The main features of this type are the stationary blade that is the most efficient when you want to cut at complicated angles or shapes. The vertical band saw cuts either manually or using the power assist device. It works by leaving the blade to travel vertically with the arranged wheels. If you want to cut wood or metal, this tool is perfect.

Vertical Band Saw

Thy vertical band saw usually comes with an installed blade welder that allows you to construct new blades or repair broken ones. They also come with an air blower which helps in blowing the chips or cooling the blade, allowing you to have a clean work environment.

Portable Band Saw

The portable version is a handheld tool that you can manipulate to cut stationery material. Obviously, you need to move this tool, instead of the workpieces, to create the cuts. It works great in creating conduit cuts but also threaded rod, concrete materials or steel stock. If you have the perfect tool for your job, you will be able to generate cleaner and squarer cuts with fewer sparks. Also, it saves time because you don’t have to set it up.

By Purpose

When it comes to the applications of the band saw, there are four main types.

Metal Band Saw

The metal band saw is quite similar to the wood cutting saw. The main difference is the blade that is set up to cut at a slower speed which is more effective in cutting the metal. To make the saw more efficient, the blade has a series of teeth in each inch. 

Meat Band Saw

If you ever visited a butcher shop, you noticed they use this powerful tool to cut the meat.

The meat band saw is constructed in a way to make the maintenance easier. The tool is not only used to cut flesh or thick bones; the butcher can use it for other stuff.

You can use this band saw to cut lamb, pieces of meat for steak, or you can use it to make mincer or spout.

Benchtop Band Saw

They stand between a typical table saw and a jigsaw. They cover a small space, but they produce a lot of power. The main use is for home workshop owners to create intricate and quick cuts. They are great because of their small size.

Wood Band Saw

We left the best for last. This is the most useful and versatile tool for carpenters. Amateur and professional woodworkers use this tool because it’s so user-friendly.

With the stable version, the workshops use it to cut small wood, and the timber mills use larger band saws to rip lumbers. The timber waste is minimal because of the saws’ small cut size.

Final Words

So there you have it, these are the different types of band saws by shape and by purpose. When you are looking to purchase this tool, the most important thing is to understand what you need it for, and after that, you need to learn the types and what they are best used for. 

If you are a newbie or experienced carpenter, the versatility of the tool will help you greatly. From straight to most irregular cuts, the band saw can perform for almost any cutting job. Make sure to buy this tool from a reputable manufacturer so you can get the best out of it.


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