Travel Bucket List You Would Want to Make for Post COVID-19 World

Travel bucket list

Travel has become the most daunting activity right now. With the surge in coronavirus cases in several parts of the globe, we don’t know when things can actually go back to being normal. If you’re a travel enthusiast and you’re tired being locked down for so long, how about utilizing your time the right way? Here, we have the ultimate travel bucket list you’d want to consider for your future adventures. These are some of the beautiful places across the globe where you must visit once the world is safer and healthier.

Travel bucket list checklist

Below you will be able to explore the list that we have curated for you to choose your next travel destination from. The names are in no particular order, so you can make random choices of course!

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a city in Japan that gives you an incredible cultural vibe that is so different from the capital city of Tokyo. While Tokyo is more of a fast-paced, and futuristic destination, Kyoto is more serene and packed with an old-world charm. Ticking off Kyoto from your travel bucket list will make you experience some of the most beautiful old temples, ryokan inns, ancient craftsmanship, and tea ceremonies.

Back in between the years 794 to 1868, which is for almost 1000 years, Kyoto was known as the capital city of Japan. The beautiful city of Kyoto is still home to several Shinto shrines and 2,000-plus Buddhist temples. So, if Japan is a part of your travel bucket list, then Kyoto is a must-visit place. It is the perfect getaway from the noisy big cities, and it gives you a peek into ancient Japanese history too.


Las Vegas, USA

If you are planning on your bucket list trips for a lifetime, Las Vegas should be a part of the same. Well, Las Vegas is surely named as the ‘Sin City’ for some strong reasons. Besides, Las Vegas is what you call a ‘lifetime experience.’ There are several hotels in the city depending on your budget. Therefore, accommodation is not a problem most of the time. ( Besides, staying in a budget hotel means you can save a little more amount to enjoy in the casinos- the charm of Vegas.

After that when you need a change, there is the beautiful Red Rock Canyon from where you get some of the most incredible views. So, when you are tired of the casino lights, and the noise of the city of Vegas, this attraction just half an hour away is a perfect getaway. Las Vegas is popular not just for the casinos, but also for the several nightclubs, mega-hotels, and more. Also, how can you miss the famous Stratosphere Sky Jump and of course the Cirque du Soleil? There are options for hiking, mountain biking, jeep tours, and rock climbing too.

Las Vegas

Sydney, Australia

People who have already been to Australia say that the country has something to offer to everyone. Well, Sydney lives up to everyone’s expectations in this matter. For example, The Royal National Park in Sydney is one of the oldest conservation centers in the world. The first in the list of protected parks is Yellowstone, of course! The Royal National Park is home to several sections of subtropical rainforests, secluded beaches, dramatic cliffs, and so much more. So, once you have ticked on this park from your travel bucket list, the next perfect destination is the Chinatown.

Well, it is the center of the beautiful city of Sydney, and shopping around this place is an amazing experience. Besides, if you want to relax a bit more then there is the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge and the other beautiful golden beaches. Amidst all of this, another attraction to grace your bucket list trips for a lifetime is the Great Barrier Reef. It rightly deserves a completely separate spot in any list of attractions, because of the unconditional beauty. Apart from all of the above, there is so much more than you can experience in Sydney itself that you may require a second travel bucket list for the same.


Lhasa, Tibet

Earlier known as the Tibetan Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, Tibet is now one of the highest cities in the whole world. Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet and gives some of the most amazing views. The literal translation of Lhasa says “God’s Place.” Well, the heavenly beauty of this place justifies every bit of that term. The first attraction to mention in Lhasa is the Potala Palace that looks over the city and stands beautiful in white and red.

The palace at 12,300 feet above the sea level is the world’s highest ancient palace. The highest point of the palace is again 300 feet above the level of the city, and it is completely breathtaking. Next, you turn to the Sera Monastery and Jokhang Temple that are the best examples of the cultural excellence of Lhasa. Therefore, the Land of the Dalai Lama is a rightful participant of the ultimate travel bucket list India.


Rome, Italy

The most popular attraction in Rome is probably the Vatican City because you may even get to see the Pope here if you are lucky enough. Besides, there are the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and a few more famous churches. Apart from these, you can take a tour of one of the most ancient museums of Rome because there are quite a few. If you happen to cross the Trevi Fountain, then do not forget to toss a coin correctly. Yes, the way is to toss the coin over the shoulders.

As per the locals, it ensures that you will be able to visit the beautiful city soon again. Another good part about Italy is the brilliant train communication. You can simply avail the local trains to do the sight-seeing. Besides, you can travel to the cities nearby via train. So, once you are in Rome, traveling to Milan, Florence, Naples, and Venice is not a problem at all. Also, not to forget the delicious Italian cuisine. It is rightly considered one of the most exotic in the whole world. So, you can try out the traditional Italian delicacies when you are a tourist here, and enjoy the ultimate Roman holiday!

Rome - Travel bucket list

London, England

Did you always want to take a tour of the beautiful Buckingham Palace? Well, you can witness the impressive architecture and tradition of the palace with your own eyes when you are in London. It is the perfect blend of both historical and modern styles of architecture. There are several reasons why mentioning England in your travel bucket list makes complete sense. London is an ancient city and is home to the best galleries and museums in the world. The best part is that a lot of these museums allow free admissions to tourists. Besides, London is amongst the best shopping destinations globally. Last but not least, London has some of the most incredible views and delectable food. Therefore, London is nothing short of an experience of a lifetime.


Moscow, Russia

Moscow is home to some of the most incredible museums to the excellent art galleries, brilliant architecture, and so much more. The city’s uniqueness is also the reason for it being a part of almost every travel bucket list checklist. When you are in Moscow and want to relax like never before, the parks here are the perfect place to do so. Whether it is a picnic or just a casual walk with your partner, Moscow parks have it all.

You can also go to one of the local theaters and watch a Russian movie, and then end the day with some incredible local dishes from one of the restaurants around. There are as many as 790 orthodox chapels and churches in Moscow. Besides, there are eight old monasteries as well. The Red Square in the city is a part of the list that consists of the best man-made wonders in the world. So, you can stroll around the square and experience the beautiful view of the surroundings. Moscow is a perfect spot for adventure lovers too with the ancient alleys and geographical wonders here.



A country that boasts of being one of the best examples of traditional-meets-modern, Singapore is a must-visit for every travel enthusiast. Starting from the lip-smacking food to the architecture galore, patchwork quilt, music, arts, and the incredible nightlife, all of it makes Singapore the favorite of everyone. It is a fact that a tourist in Singapore has no time to get bored at all. Also, the country is perfect for every age group, given the variety of attractions. The family-friendly places act as a cherry on the cake for everyone.

Singapore takes cleanliness very seriously, and it is one of the topper in this list. Besides, the excellent ambiance and diversity in culture are some of the reasons why Singapore is one of the best cities to live in. Plus, being a shopaholic means your spoilt for choice in this incredibly fashionable country. It is heaven for shoppers with items for every budget. The food that we talk about influences several other regions including Western, Chinese, Indian, and Srilankan mostly.


Paris, France

Paris is the city of love, and we all know it. The ancient architecture, the monuments, historic buildings, classic wine, and exotic food- you get everything in Paris. There are just so many reasons why you must add the city to your bucket list trips of a lifetime. The perfect place for fashionistas, you must have heard of the Paris Fashion Week, right? Well, the city is home to some of the most high-end shopping destinations globally.

Then you have the Versailles Palace, Notre Dame Gothic Cathedral, and of course the Louvre, home of the famous painting of Mona Lisa. Plus, a click in front of the beautiful Eiffel Tower is mandatory when you are in Paris. When you roam around the city, you will realize what the perfect blend of tradition and modernism feels like.

Paris - Travel bucket list

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Be it a sudden tango show on one of the streets or the world’s best ice cream that is better than original gelato, Buenos Aires has it all. Plus, the city offers some of the most incredible steak dishes that you will find anywhere else in the world. Buenos Aires may find one of the top spots in your travel bucket list for several reasons. Besides, dance and food, you get to witness some of the best antique items in the local flea markets here.

No wonder it is a shopaholic’s heaven here. Plus, if you are looking for some raucous nightlife adventure, then the city gives you that as well. After spending the day absorbing the best aspects of the charming city, experiencing a typical Buenos Aires style evening is a must. The highlight attraction of the city is undoubtedly the Iguazu Falls. It is again one of the most popular attractions in some of the best lists of tourist attractions that you will find on the internet.

Buenos Aires - travel bucket list

Final words

Travel satisfies the soul like nothing else, and choosing the best destinations to fill your travel bucket list is quite important. The above-mentioned names are presently the top-rated places to visit in the world. So, start exploring it without further delay, and choose all the names to fill up the remaining spots in your wish list. You will surely have some extra names that you could not give a miss by the end of the post.


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