Get Inspired With the Beautiful Spanish Style Homes (Decor Tips and More)


Decorating your home should be a fun and exciting time!

Now, some of us know interior decorating isn’t as easy as HGTV may make it seem, but with a little inspiration, anything’s possible.

Between beautiful bright colors, iconic architecture, and cultural textiles, Spanish style homes have many characteristics to draw design inspiration from. It’s no wonder this style of decor has gained popularity recently!

These design qualities can completely transform a room or add an edge to your current style. Nonetheless, these Spanish style decor tips are sure to inspire you on your decorating journey.

The Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing your guests experience in your home. It should set the mood or tone for the style of the house. Foyers or entryways often become a no man’s land of boots, coats, and other various odds and ends.

Yet, a few simple tips can make this room feel inviting and organized making you more at ease.

Spanish-style long benches allow space underneath for shoe storage and double as a mud area to take off those dirty boots. Pairing this style seating with a couple of colorful throw pillows is an easy way to turn an entrance into a chamber.

Giving your entryway a pop of color like a bright yellow accent wall or traditional tapestry is another way to enhance your entrance’s style.

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Simple but elegant changes can revitalize your entire kitchen, which is great because renovating the kitchen often seems like an overwhelming task. Stick to changing the timeless qualities of the room to really switch up the feel.

Using warm earth tones will give you that hacienda feel, as well as switching to a bell-shaped exhaust hood instead of your typical square hood.

Switching to iron or ceramic accents like cabinet knobs is another easy way to add a Spanish inspired edge to your kitchen’s style.

The dining room is a huge center in Spanish culture, so it’s no surprise we see a lot of Spanish inspiration in dining rooms all across the world.

Dinner room ceilings are often painted with ornamental art, or adorn an interesting chandelier to draw guest’s eyes up. You can easily switch out your typical light fixture for an iron chandelier to get that Spanish style.

Traditional Textiles and Textures

Textiles of all kinds are an easy way to add a new dynamic to an old design. Plus, traditional fabrics easily give you that Spanish style you’re aiming for. Things like rich colored drapes are also common accessories within Spanish styled homes.

Next time try choosing a deep color curtain, like auburn or burnt orange to add a warm layer to your room. If you have high ceilings, this style curtain lifts the eyes up which is beneficial to any architecture you wish to show off.

Draping Spanish inspired fabric over the backs of chairs or from a tall shelf is another easy way to give your home that authentic flare. You can find these fabrics from authentic Spanish retailers online, with an easy search.

Keep your eyes peeled for things like Spanish inspired blankets and throw pillows. Mixing traditional textiles with your modern furniture to give your look an edge of contrast.

Spanish Inspired Architecture

You’ll be surprised what kind of architecture can be buried under a few hours of demolition. You can find videos of people uncovering beautiful stone flooring under the previous tenant’s laminate tile!

You may be one of the privileged few whose home’s vintage features have been preserved. Though if you’re not so lucky, you can have a huge pay off from taking a small risk.

Between terracotta flooring and deep, warm wood accents finding Spanish inspired architecture is actually very easy once you start looking for it.

Simple switches like changing out your modern light fixtures for more vintage pieces will add a Spanish element to the room. Try something more modern like an iron-wrought chandelier, or some ceramic sconces.

Staining things like cabinets and shelves will also draw attention to the warmth that Spanish decor is about.

Of course, if you’re moving you can always take this opportunity to look for Spanish styled features and architecture. Try relators like bargain villas to find homes with Spanish inspired construction that you’ll love.

Finding the Best Spanish Style Homes and Decor

Spanish inspired decor is warm, inviting, and cozy. It’s interesting and beautiful making it clear to see why we find Spanish style homes all over the world.

Spanish inspired decor brings the home to life in an interesting way, that traditional European design lacks. The interesting patterns in combination with the deep colors create a contrast that is sure to catch your guest’s eye.

The familial aspect of Spanish style homes means this style focuses on areas like sitting rooms and eating halls such as dining rooms or kitchens.

Renovating these areas will reignite the necessity to gather in them. When your surroundings feel like they express your personality, you’ll feel more excited to invite people over and show your style off.

Whether you’re moving, looking to do a full renovation, or to add a little flair to your current style, achieving the Spanish inspired look is easy!

Stick to the tips we’ve laid out in this guide and you’ll find it, not only, easy but fun and exciting to decorate your home.

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