6 Tips for Beginners to Grow Marijuana Seeds At Home

Grow Marijuana Seeds At Home

Marijuana used to be quite a controversial plant for a very long time. Nowadays, millions of people are using its products legally. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a medical or recreational user, as long as it’s legal to grow cannabis in your home city.

Since you are here, it is apparent that you are only starting out as a marijuana grower. There is a lot that you have to learn to become a professional at this, but you can check out these six simple tips and start today. 

Pick the Right Supplier

When you are starting out, you must do an immense amount of research to find the right supplier for your marijuana seeds.

Ever since marijuana became legal, hundreds or even thousands of businesses opened up and started selling its products. However, not everyone is honest about their items, and not every store offers quality. That is why you need to find the right supplier.

Find the Most Suitable Strain

Once you have found a couple of brands that offer quality marijuana seeds, look into their catalog, and find the strain most suitable to your needs.

Since you are only starting out, most professionals would recommend that you look into autoflowering seeds. These are extremely easy to grow because they don’t need specific conditions. You can pick any autoflowering seed and get started right away. 

But you might want to get the help of ILGM to find out when and how to harvest, among other things.

Plants Need Light

This might be common sense, but depending on the strain that you pick to grow in your garden, it will need plenty of sun throughout the entire process. 

If you are growing them indoors, then make sure the sunlight directly hits that area. While you only need to ensure nothing is blocking the light if you plant outdoors. 

If you have autoflowering seeds, then this might not be such a big issue.

Keep It Humid

When you sow the seeds in the soil, you must make sure that the humidity is high in the environment. If you are looking for a lush marijuana plant, which you obviously are, then you might need to set the humidity at around 40%.

Use the Right Soil

The soil is another significant aspect that needs to be just right when you are growing marijuana. You need to get your seeds in quality organic soil that has a pH of 5.5 to 6.5, which means slightly acidic.

Research Thoroughly

The conditions mentioned above are universal, but you need to get into the little details of the exact strain that you purchase. Since all of them are not the same, looking into your most suitable marijuana seed will help you grow it the best.

You might also have to consider many other factors that affect plant growth, such as fertilizer, nutrients, water, and season. 

If everything pans out according to plan, you can enjoy your hard work however you please.


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