How to keep your camera and valuables safe when you’re travelling

camera and valuables safe

Travelling can sometimes be a risky business. And for some, these so-called risks are enough to put them off ever pursuing their travel dreams. However, despite what you may think, it is possible to travel the world and not get into any trouble. 

One of the biggest fears that plague even the most experienced of travellers is the idea of their valuables being stolen. Cash, credit cards and cameras are some of the most common items that are stolen from unsuspecting tourists, and no one wants to find themselves on the other side of the world unexpectedly missing them. Pickpocketing and bag snatching is a very common issue in Mexico so beware.

Thankfully, there are some simple ways you can keep your camera and your other valuables safe when you’re travelling. So, you’ll still get to print and display all those amazing travel photos when you get back home – check out hello canvas for their range of canvas prints. Read on to find out more. 

Keep your items (really) close

Putting your bag down, turning and asking someone for directions gives an opportunistic thief enough time to swipe your bag and disappear into the crowds. You might think your items are close, but you shouldn’t be taking your eyes off them for a second. Here are some basic tips for this:

  • Travelling on public transport: Keep your bag on your lap. NOT on the seat next to you or on the floor
  • Wear your bag on your front in crowded places
  • Don’t keep your wallet or your phone in your back pocket! 
  • Consider wearing a cross-body bag that can’t easily be pulled from your shoulder

Purchase a theft-proof bag

Theft proof bags aren’t 100% theft-proof. Let’s get that straight. Someone could still swipe your theft-proof bag if you’re not being vigilant. However, they do make pickpocketing much more difficult for thieves. Most are slash-proof, incredibly sturdy, come with cut-resistant shoulder straps, have hidden compartments, plenty of clips and locks, and most now possess RFID-blocking technology. This means hackers and credit card thieves can’t scam you with “RFID Skimming” which can result in you having your identity stolen or using your cards.  

Keeping your camera safe

There are lots of ways to keep your camera safe when you’re overseas. I’ve highlighted the most useful ones here:

  • Remove camera straps with big brand logos on them. They’ll attract thieves!
  • Invest in a hidden wire camera strap. These are cut proof.
  • Carry your camera as your hand luggage. Don’t leave your gear at the mercy of the luggage handlers. Keep it with you. 
  • Get it insured. Insuring all your camera gear means that if anything does go wrong, then you’re covered. It’s peace of mind.

Finally, use your hotel/hostel safe

Again, using these items doesn’t mean that your valuables are 100% safe, however, they’re better than nothing and at least management can hold an investigation. If there is a safe in your hotel room, use it to store your passport and (some) of your emergency cash. If you’re in a hostel, not all safes and lockers have padlocks on them, so bring your own!


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