Hottest Denim Trends of 2020!


Denim rarely ever goes out of style, and ladies jeans have a way of evolving over the years. They are a must-have for every woman as they are super easy to carry out. You can check the Freakins jeans collection here:, in case you want to diversify your ladies jeans collection and be introduced to a land of comfort and ease. The latest denim trends have been invigorated by the best fashion runways from the fashion month, and the best street style looks. Here are some of the hottest denim trends of 2020 for you to know and get inspired and aspired:

  1. Ripped Jeans- Also known as tattered jeans, ripped jeans may not necessarily be our parent’s favorite but are one of the most sizzling trends this year. Prepare thyself to see a lot of distressed and ripped denim looks this year! One can pair this up with either an oversized blazer or a graphic tee, coupled with a pair of mules. However, frankly, there are multitudinous possibilities and combinations to style up ripped ladies jeans look are countless. Cropped flare jeans, along with a perfect amount of rip, can prove to be an excellent option for an everyday wear clothing item. High waisted ripped ladies jeans with any quirky graphic tee from your closet paired with white sneakers or black military boots look spick and span too.

Ripped Jeans

2.  Bootcut Jeans- Bootcut jeans are back and, in fact, one of the top trends this year in denim space. The ’70s spurred the popularity of this style, and these types of jeans paired with long hair (middle partitioned) and poncho fashion up for a flawless look. A cropped boot cut ladies jeans can also be deemed a fun alternative to the otherwise conventional ones. A dark color bootcut ladies jeans usually go well with all tops from your wardrobe.

3. High-Rise Boyfriend Jeans-  These jeans are in vogue, this year and whether you want the jeans to hit the floor, and prefer it cropped or not, this style is here to stay! As long as these jeans are high-waisted, they can be paired with delicate feminine blouses or cropped sweatshirts. One can achieve a long and lean look with these high waisted boyfriend jeans. If they are in a lighter color, they look pretty apt and impeccable for the summer and spring season. 

4. Long Jeans- You can pair these with crop shirts, bringing out the contrast in lengths and in a good way. You can pair these jeans with a cropped sweater in the fall season and a tiny dainty blouse for the summer. These jeans complement heels very well, and one can play with a lot of colors- pop, nude or classic.

5. Pleat-Front Jeans- Pleated jeans, a vintage-inspired style, has made its way this year in the denim section. One can tuck in blouses or sport a bodysuit with these jeans. You can even put a belt or a tiny subtle waist bag around your waist, which will give you vintage, debonair vibes all day. A lighter color of these jeans looks good with almost everything in the closet. Black jeans or dark blue jeans, however, are the timeless classic!

6. Skinny Jeans- Skinny jeans are almost everyone’s favorite, and fortunately for us, they aren’t going anywhere this year. Don this pair with a turtleneck sweater or a turtleneck jacket in winter, and a floral boatneck top with flared sleeves in the spring. Voila, you are good to go! Your sneakers can make a delightful combination with a pair of ripped skinny jeans in your closet. For that matter, colored ladies jeans- baby pink or pastel pink- with a white or beige crop tee can be the get you refreshingly summer-ready. 

Skinny Jeans

7. Short Jeans- These ladies jeans aren’t that far behind either. It could be a pair of denim capris, jeans cut off’s, denim Bermuda shorts. You can let your creative juices flow with a pair of scissors and an old pair of jeans to welcome this trend by formulating some versions of short jeans all on your own! 

8. Straight Leg Jeans- Straight leg jeans have also made their way into the hottest denim list! These jeans are slim along the leg but they don’t have tapered ankles, unlike skinny jeans. One can tuck a cardigan into the jeans and pair it with a belt to achieve an elegant look. Or a pair of black ankle boots with an oversized blazer works well too.

9. Loose Fit Jeans- Loose fit jeans are like denim sweatpants for this year. These look straight but with a tapered ankle at the bottom. Since these are loose in shape, pairing it with a bodycon ribbed top or a fitted bodysuit will work wonder to get a sharp look and make quite an impression. You can couple this look with a pair of sleek high heels and a crossbody bag.

10. Kick Flare Jeans- These ladies jeans happen to be very popular this year. This denim trend is skinny through the leg and flares out a little bit at the ankle. One can pair this denim with military boots or oxford shoes, turtleneck top and/or a trench coat.

11. Wide-Leg Flare Jeans- This is another trend this year, usually paired with a heeled shoe, ankle boot, or a mule. They are slim on the waist and then spread an A-line shape. If flares are a bit new to you, starting with black color is always a safe option- you can never go wrong with classic black- and then you move to blue or other unconventional colors.

With its extensive assortment of varieties, ladies jeans are an all-time popular clothing item that never goes out of style. The hottest denim trends mentioned above give you have a vast pool of options to choose from to pull off and accomplish any contemporary, modish look. 


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