3 Industries Dominated By Women

Industries Dominated By Women

For a major part of the history of humankind, women have always been overshadowed by their male counterparts. From the prehistoric era, all the way up to the beginning of World War Two, females were often underpowered and discriminated, by not being allowed to vote, not being able to attend universities, and generally not being allowed to take an important role in society.

Their main occupations mostly consisted of cooking, cleaning around the house, or taking care of children, while men were responsible for bringing all the food to the table. As we can see, women mainly took the role of just supporting the man. 

Although, even if this mentality is still present in some parts of the world, most of the more developed countries have now realized that females are not just some powerless human beings, but rather, equal to men. In some cases even more powerful. 

With that being said, women have started to take on many industries, eventually getting to dominate them. So, let’s take a look at some of industries dominated by women. 

1. Nursing 

As of now, nursing is one of the fastest-growing professions out there, and this industry had made people realize how important women are in our society. During wartime, women were employed to tend for the wounded. Since we all know that females are more affectionate and emphatic than men, they were the perfect candidates for the job.

They managed to shine a bright life to the desperate, giving them the hope of another chance at life. Some may still argue that doctors were the ones doing all the work, however, nurses didn’t get it any easier. 

As of today, nursing is one of the most popular jobs among women. The pay is reasonable, and you don’t need anything other than a high school diploma, and a bit of training. 

2. Human Resources 

The profession of recruiting people for a certain job is starting to get more and more appealing to females. In fact, approximately 60% of HR posts in the US are held by women, and roughly the same figure goes around other parts of the world.

It makes sense if you get to think about it. As we’ve mentioned before, women are more emphatic than men. So, when it comes to potentially hiring an employee, women can use their empathy in order to make the person that is interviewed more comfortable and open. Therefore, they can get to know the potential employee much better, helping them make the right decision for the company.

Besides, women are also known to have better communication skills than men, a key factor in this industry.

3. Adult Industry

3. Adult Industry

The adult industry is something quite ordinary today with fan conventions, big gatherings and a third of the internet under its belt. Free women are without a doubt the ones at the forefront of this industry. Video chatting, adult websites and the latest addition, OnlyFans took the internet by storm and became the norm. Some of the top only fans models are making more money than men in big corporate jobs. And this is definitely one industry where women dominate and, by the likes of it, will continue to in the future.

There’s also the more offline side of the adult industry dominated by escorts. A lot of free escort sites allow both men and women to meet a companion to their liking and spend some quality time together. Even if there are a lot male escorts, women dominate the industry by far since the demand is considerably higher. 


With those being said, no longer are the days where men are viewed as marginally superior to women. Females now take a major part in the workforce, dominating more and more industries such as the ones listed above.


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