Temp Agency in Portland

Temp Agency in Portland

You might be wondering what a temp agency is. Temping agencies, also known as temp agencies, are temporary recruitment agencies that find and retain workers. They are the ones who are responsible for finding the right position for qualified candidates that are looking for temporary jobs. Filling the vacancies for companies that are looking to employ candidates temporarily is their primary role.

Long before these terminologies like “side hustle” and “gig economy” became part of our everyday conversational language, every day businesses have already practiced the hiring of temp agencies to provide their needs for workforces on an as-needed basis.

Although the whole idea of temporary work has been changed with the development of staffing platforms, still, temp agencies do remain as the best options for certain companies, industries, and job-seekers.

In Portland, there are a lot of temp agencies that specialize in finding positions for the right candidates. Among them, that stands out is Scion Staffing, a reliable and leading temp agency Portland. Scion Staffing in Portland is an executive recruiting agency that works with expanding corporations and companies. They are the ones responsible for placing outstanding candidates in the Greater Portland, Oregon Metro region, and across the United States.

How Scion Staffing’s Portland Works

It’s proven and well-establish approach to modern recruitment methods gives them the credit to be your best source when it comes to hiring reliable and dependable temporary staff, direct-hire staffing and even the identification of excellent executive leadership. Scion has been recognized by the prestigious Business Times for the past 15 years as the leader in its industry. As an award-winning staffing firm, Scion has also received various recognitions from the well-known Forbes list of leading United States-based firms, CBS News, the Ladders, and different media platforms for services. Scion provides staff for the following:

  • Executive Search Services
  • Temporary Staffing and Interim Leadership Placement
  • Direct Hire Staffing
  • Payrolling and Employer of Record Services

Scion Staffing can provide you one staff or individuals for your entire organization. They have immediate and available talents that would suit any requirements that your office and industry needs. You should not be surprised by the best in class approach Scion can provide to your business.

To further emphasize how a temp agency works, it is better to properly identify the difference between a temporary agency and a normal HR department. Temp agencies usually engaged in finding the right temporary worker, as well as hiring and firing them. This only means that the temp agency’s client has no obligation in paying and giving the appropriate benefits to the said temporary worker.

The client’s part simply agrees with the temp agency which is based solely on the number of workers needed and placed to his or her business.

Temp agencies are responsible for negotiating the worker’s schedules, as well as the payment and other important details. In case the worker has a problem with the client, he or she should directly approach the temp agency for reporting any concerns. On the contrary, if the client is not satisfied or unhappy with the worker’s performance, the client must talk to the temp agency, since they do not have the power to terminate directly its worker.

Some of the Benefits of Temp Agencies

Temp agencies carry a lot of benefits both for the workers and clients. Some of them are:

  • Temp agencies shoulder the burden of the company’s Human Resource Department.
  • Temp agencies are the ones who handle the drug testing, hiring and firing, and the background check for a legitimate hire.
  • Temp agencies are the ones who provide free skills training if necessary.
  • Temp agencies can offer full-time, part-time, or seasonal hiring.
  • All the requirements are handled by the temp agency, so there is almost no stressful documentation on your part.

Find your Best Fits

Scion has been around the block. As a socially conscious staffing organization, it is a temp-to-hire and direct hire staffing that aims to help communities, clients, and skilled workers to connect, and grow successfully.

This award-winning staffing agency has already built and established a reputation as the leader in finding the right and exceptional candidates for placement. With your unique skill requirements, Scion concentrates on providing you the perfect match.

Scion’s Foundation

Founded in 2006 by recruiting and human resources experts, it is their mission to create and provide a staffing organization that concentrates on its clients while at the same time, attending to the necessity of job hunters.

Scion has established its relationship with individuals, organizations, and businesses. They offer exceptional reach into the national and local system with more than14,000,000 potential candidates, not mentioning more than 250,000 additional private pools that are certified private professionals ready to fill your business needs.

Scion’s staffing divisions fully serve five areas: Executive Search, Nonprofit, Medical/Healthcare, Corporate, and Information Technology (IT). And within each division, its experienced recruiters are focused on providing the appropriate placements for various departments that include finance, executive, marketing, human resources, public relations, operations, administrative, and many more. Scion is fully capable of providing you the executive staff that you need, from entry-level to experienced one.

Awards Received

To the most recent, Scion has been awarded the following:

  • “Top Retained Executive Search Firm”, Business Times List
  • “Top Contingency Executive Search Firm”, Business Times List
  • “The Largest Staffing Firm”, Business Times List and,
  • Forbes List of Leading Executive Search Firms in the World and US.

Not all staffing agencies are equal. At Scion, they put their concentration to work with their clients the best possible employment matches. Leaving no room for a mismatch, as much as possible. They aim to be the best staffing partner for your business, and that is why they work tirelessly and listen attentively to your needs. If you are looking for the best talents to fill your vacancies, feel free to get in touch with Scion, the leading national staffing firm for direct-hire staffing, temporary staff, and executive leadership that you need.



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