A Wedding Vow for a Lifetime: How to Write It

Vow for a Lifetime

A wedding day is equal to a thousand small details. A couple decides and agrees on many things to come up with their special day. Take for example the decision on wedding rings. Traditional ones are being replaced with newer trends because of practicality. For instance, more couples are looking intosilicone wedding bands. Silicone has an easy way of blending to any lifestyle.

After the wedding ring, there is another element connected to it: the wedding vows. When a vow is too generic, it gets lost in the many minutes of the ceremony. But if done right, it can be one of the favorite memories of the people who have come to celebrate with you. What are the things that you must remember as you pen your wedding vow for a lifetime?

Make It a Priority

You can get lost with the thousand things to do for the wedding. You tend to put aside writing your wedding vows for much later. Then, you will only realize that you are almost down to the last minute before you start. Never be caught in this scenario. Focus on your wedding vow. Start as early as you can, and work on it slowly. Having a lot of time will allow you to take breaks if necessary.

Soak in Memories

One of the best ways to draw inspiration when writing a vow is to go down memory lane. Look at old photographs. Remember how you first met and fell in love. Listen to your favorite music. You may even write portions of your vow in places where you like to hang out together. These things will remind you of the reasons you are choosing to spend a lifetime with this person.

Be Selective of the Details

Your heart is brimming with love. You might want to share every small detail as you write your vow. Avoid the tendency to overshare. Your guests will appreciate having glimpses of what you have as a couple. But it is also important to leave out some personal details. Also, long vows tend to bore people.

Treat It As Any Writing Project

Your wedding vow is the most personal and most special piece that you will ever write. But it does not mean that you will treat it differently. Treat it as if you are doing any writing project. Make bullet points where you can draw ideas from. Check your grammar. Have drafts that you can throw and keep. Rewrite a couple of times until you find the perfect fit.

Include Promises

One of the errors in writing a wedding vow is that it becomes a personal anecdote. You must remember, though, its real purpose. It is okay to share a piece of what you had as a couple. But your vow is more ofwhat you pledge to bring in to this new chapter of your life. Make promises. Include the easy daily ones and move to lifetime commitments to your partner.

Say It Out Loud

Nothing will make it clearer than when you hear yourself practice it aloud. You will be able to hear some awkward grammar. You can also rehearse when to pause. Practice by yourself or recruit trusted friends who can listen to you. Their valuable feedback might be helpful, too.

When you invest time in writing your vow for a lifetime, you will feel more confident on the big day. For a wedding vow to have its most genuine effect, you must keep it as a secret to your partner. Surprise your better half and guests with a vow that they will remember for a long time.


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