5 Reasons Why You Should Cut Big Trees Around Your Property

Cut Big Trees

Do you have big branching trees on your property? Are they posing any sort of danger? Or are they dying and revealing signs of stress? Have you considered the possibility of peacefully laying them down to rest?

If you see that a tree is leaning or angled in a certain direction, don’t hesitate to call your local tree removal service and get it checked. If you’re not sure whether your tree is exhibiting any signs of foundational weakness, observe it closely during a windstorm.

If yes, then you’re in the right vein of thought. There are many reasons why people cut down trees. Big mature trees around your property can sometimes cause more harm than good. By refusing to cut them down, you might be exposing you and your home’s safety to unwarranted danger. From sewage issues to termite infestations, big trees can summon a variety of hazards to your doorstep.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to cut a tree down legally to protect your property:

1. The Tree Is Dying

Big trees are often dying. We don’t care to notice the signs of their old age and leave them to their own devices. A dying tree doesn’t only plop its branches to the ground, it also experiences decreasing growth at an alarming fashion. It loses its reproductive capacity to produce fruit, exhibits bark abnormalities, and glaring decay.

If you have such a tree on your property or in its vicinity, call a professional crane rental service for inspection immediately. If they say that deadwood removal is in order, a reliable tree removal service, like Tree Service Alexandria, can knock on your front door and have it safely removed from your property.

2. The Tree Is Unsafe

Tree Is Unsafe

Even if a tree isn’t dying, its big stature can make your home susceptible to danger. Old trees that have weakened over time, can easily tear apart from their foundations and tumble down on a house when confronted with a considerably powerful windstorm or hurricane. This can lead to serious structural and financial damage, and, in some extreme cases, also causes fatalities.

If you see that a tree is leaning or angled in a certain direction, don’t hesitate to call your local tree service and get it checked. If you’re not sure whether your tree is exhibiting any signs of foundational weakness, observe it closely during a windstorm. If it flails about like a pendulum, then it means it’s a recipe for disaster. In that case, make sure you act quickly and have it removed by a professional.  

3. The Tree Is An Eyesore

While it may seem cruel to cut down a tree that seems to pose no immediate or eventual danger, sometimes it’s the only choice left. Especially, when you’re putting your house on the market and looking to beautify your property, you have to remove an unbecoming tree from your backyard. Take note that your property’s worth increases by 14% if your yard is not crowded and landscaping is performed correctly. 

However, if you intend to grow trees to vouchsafe the privacy of your house, then there’s no reason to do away with them, considering you prune and trim them on a timely basis. You’ll discourage prospective buyers if unkempt trees and shrubs run amok on your property.

4. The Trees Threatens the Foundations Of Your Property    

Tree roots can form an extensive and far-reaching network of roots. If they’re stationed very close to your property, their unrestrained growth might put the foundational safety of your house under danger. 

If you have a concrete slab, your house may already have an unsettling crack in its foundation due to an infiltrating tree root. So, determine if a tree is too close to your property. If it is, it’s time to take it down. 

5. You Could Have A Sewage Problem

Just as a big tree can easily weaken your home’s foundation, its roots can carve their path into the underground sewage system and wreak havoc on its structures. They can penetrate pipes and create fissures in their metal, resulting in a blockage that can lead right into your home. 

This unregulated behavior is a serious health hazard and will compromise the safety of you and your family members. To stop this from happening, inspect your sewer pipes and see if they’ve registered any noticeable damage.  

If you think the structural integrity of your pipes has been compromised, call up your local plumber. Plumbers have tools to run a hose through your underground pipelines and identify ruptures, roots, and other trash that might be causing a blockage.

Ready to Take Down Some Trees?

If it’s possible to save a tree, by all means, try your best to save it. However, if it’s dying or putting the structural building blocks of your property under danger, it’s time to swallow the hard pill, and take necessary action to remove it from your home. 

You might feel guilty after treading on this route, but it’s going to pay dividends when your underground sewage is safe and doesn’t jeopardize the health of you and your loved ones.


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