Useful tree trimming tricks that will help you maintain a beautiful garden


Tree trimming is one of the best methods to prevent and maintain trees and plants. For this reason, regular trimming and pruning schedule is planned to protect your plants, family, and property from injuries, pests, and other damages. Therefore, it is important that you adapt to this schedule for long term maintenance of the trees. Regular trimming of the trees helps to promote plant health as it removes dead and dying branches and gives a chance for new growth. This way, it also removes pest and animal infestation, thereby promoting the tree’s natural shape and growth. Trimming and pruning of trees also encourage healthy flower and fruit production. They also help to enhance the aesthetic appearance and help to keep the trees proportioned and dense. Also, high winds and stormy weather can lead to a split and broken branch, and if you leave these damaged trees neglected, it might cause damage to the people and the property. 

Not only this, but there might also be other kinds of diseases associated with the damaged trees, which can also lead to the plant’s death. So, in order to ensure that your tree is in good health, you need to schedule regular trimming of your trees. You can do it all by yourself, or if you are not able to do it, you can consult various tree service providers. One of the well-known tree service providers is Norfolk Tree Service, which can offer you all the assistance you need in case of tree trimming or other tree care facilities. However, here are some tree trimming tips that can help you to maintain a beautiful garden:

  • Firstly, you need to find the best time to trim your trees as you should understand that timing is everything. You can trim your trees while they are still dormant, especially in late winter or early spring as during these seasons there are no leaves in the way and this makes it easier for you to assess every part of the branch, and it also helps you to give your tree a better trim. Not only is it comfortable for you, but it is also a good time for your tree as the sap production is lower, and the open wounds are less likely to attract pests. Trimming also helps your trees to heal faster if there is any kind of cuts or wounds in it. Also, you need to trim the branches before the buds sprouts, and it is better to wait until the leaves are fully developed.
  • Before you start trimming, you need to have a proper plan, and before you make any cuts, you have to take time to size up your tree. This is important because if you lop off the tree too much, it might cause more harm to the trees. So, if there is any stock of dead, diseased, and damaged limbs, you need to start trimming off those branches first. Also, work to thin the canopy, and this will prevent the branches from rubbing. You also need to remove the hanging branches as they might cause other kinds of harm to the trees. Also, for the better growth of the trees, you need to trim your trees and wait for the buds to appear. If you notice that the buds are not growing or taking time to grow, you can take help from Norfolk Tree Service. These service providers will assess your tree properly and bring out effective solutions
  • You also need to make correct cuts which you can learn from the professionals. There are proper cutting techniques which require proper tools. And this is why you can consult the professionals for proper techniques. As you prune your trees, you should remember to cut the trunk as close to the connecting branch without any kind of flush cut. Also, you need to make sure that you make cut cleans, especially with saws. While cutting large and heavy branches, you need to reduce the weight load and avoid tearing the branch collar as these branch collars can help to seal off wounds. You can also consider cutting bigger branches from the bottom and then go upwards. This is because it prevents the branch from falling off and it can help in falling off the branch to the ground smoothly
  • Also, make sure you make relief cuts and remove the weight of the limb before you start trimming the branches. If you fail to make relief cuts, you might also run the risk of having the branches split off, and this can, however, cause damage to the trunk. This can also make the wound on the trunk to get a number of diseases and other insect infestation as well, which might take a long time to heal. Remember not to leave the branch too long as the branch collar on the trunk can also allow the wound to heal. If you leave the branches too long, it can prevent the healing process
  • While trimming your trees, it is also important to check the angles of branches. For this, you can look at the angles of the branches and make sure that you look for branches with V-shaped and narrow angles. These should be removed, while branches with U-shaped strong angles should be kept. Trimming of the trees should also be done while they are young as they are a lot easier to trim when they are young, and this way, you will also have a lower risk of leaving the scars on the tree. Also, be careful of where you trim. This means that you don’t have to trim your branches too long or too close and you should also remove the collar of the tree branch 

These are some of the trimming tips that you can follow while trimming or pruning your trees. For this, you can also take help from Norfolk Tree Service, which offers you with all kinds of help ranging from tree trimming to tree removal.



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