Revamp Your Wardrobe Without Spending A Fortune

wardrobe without spending

A wardrobe refresh is something that every woman loves to do and it is something that everyone does once in a while. Maybe some of your stuff is outdated or you’ve lost or gained some pounds or you just want to do it on a whim- you don’t even need an excuse to give your closet a makeover. Still, one thing that may get you thinking and postponing it is your budget. However, this isn’t something that should stop you from pampering yourself because there are ways to revamp your wardrobe without needing to spend a fortune. Let us share some cool ideas to get you started. 

Start with a declutter

Even before you think about a makeover of your collection, start with decluttering it. Look for stuff that doesn’t fit any longer and give it away to create more space. And if you haven’t worn something for years, don’t wait for an occasion and clear it out right now. If you are lucky enough, you can find some pieces that are back in trend or can be recycled to create something amazing and trendy. Once you have decluttered, you will be able to understand what all you need to buy.

Look for some style inspiration 

Before you start preparing a shopping list for the revamp, looking for some style inspiration makes sense because you wouldn’t want to splurge on anything that isn’t good enough. Talk to your stylist about the outfits that would look good on your body type. You can seek awesome style inspiration online for free. For example, Just Fab will let you learn a lot more about fashion and trends just by subscribing to their collections. These are great ideas for smart fashionistas who would want to shop and look stylish without burning a hole in the pocket.

Invest in basics

Another great idea to get a wardrobe makeover in the budget is by investing in basics that you can mix and match to create a range of ensembles for work, party, and casual outings. Follow the idea of a capsule wardrobe because it can help you look stylish even in the budget. Choose more solid and basic colors because they look good on everyone. Avoid prints and patterns that are too loud and overpowering. Do nail the right mix of casual and formal outings so that you have something to wear for all occasions.

Shop in sales 

When it comes to planning your wardrobe makeover, the right timing can make all the difference. Opt to do it postseason because you can get some good deals and discounts in end-of-season sales. It is best to do some prep well in time so that you are able to grab the best picks before they are all sold out. Another good way to shop in the budget is by buying from thrift stores. Even as you look for the economy, never compromise with the quality of the stuff you buy.

A complete wardrobe makeover is not only about your outfits but includes accessories as well. Here again, it makes sense to pick some basics like black heels, a smart leather bag, and some stylish pieces of jewelry that you can carry with most of your looks. 


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