How to Decide Which Home Warranty Company is Right for You

Decide Which Home Warranty

Homeowners know that they face serious responsibilities around repairs and maintenance. They will get their home warranty plan to deal with these stressful situations easier. But, choosing the right company isn’t so easy. You will have to check a few different ones to see which one quits your needs. Read on and find out how to pick the right one!

Determine your coverage needs

Different companies offer different coverage in their plans. The system of creating plans differs, so some will offer only appliance coverage and another plan for home systems. Other companies will have mixed plans, with extended coverage for premium plans. Your needs will be the starting point. Make a list of the appliances and systems that you need to be covered. 

Look for companies in your area

When looking for the perfect company, keep in mind that some are regional while others cover every state. You don’t want to find out that the company you have chosen doesn’t cover your state. 

Check the plans they offer

You will find so many different plans, but not all of them will work for you. Once you know your coverage needs, you should look for a company that will meet them. Providers offer different types of plans. Some might not cover your needs, so you will need to choose carefully. When basic plans don’t offer enough coverage you should go for premium plans. Also, some companies might offer add ons in addition to an existing plan. 

Consider their reputation

You really want to work with a proven and reputable company that won’t let you down. There are two ways to check their reputation: read reviews and ask your acquaintances. People that have used this service provider before will share their experience with you. 

If you don’t know anyone that has worked with the company you want to choose, it is time to check online reviews. Satisfied customers will share their positive experiences and how the company handles their claims. So will the customers that had a negative experience. There will always be bad and good reviews, but know when there are too many red flags. See reviews of American Home Shield to get to know more about customer’s experience with the company.

Customer service working hours

Malfunctions will happen when you least expect it.  And you don’t want to deal with unresponsive customer support when you need their help. You should look for a company that offers 24/7 service for your convenience. Ask them directly whether they are non stop available. 

Free quote

Another important aspect of finding a good company is the price. You want to know what is the price that different companies offer for certain plans. This way, you will be able to compare prices from different providers and pick the one that offers the best price to value ratio. Since the price of your plan can depend on many factors, it is better to ask for a quote when they provide it for free.


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