How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

New House Feel

Moving to a new city or state brings much responsibility, stress, and obligations along with it. While you may be happy for a change or excited about the reason for the move, it does not make unpacking and organizing your home any easier. Oftentimes, despite your best efforts your new house simply will not feel like home. Though much of the nostalgic feeling of home will come with time, Las Vegas property management, B&R, suggests there are some steps you can take to warm up your new house and bring a more home-like feel to it.

Commit to Wall Hangings

Bare walls are the sign of a fresh, new territory and its previous vacancy. They can also bring a feeling of coldness to a new house and are a constant reminder of new surroundings. Hanging items on walls can broaden the dimensions of the house and can make family and friends feel more at home. Whether you prefer to hang new pictures on the walls or re-hang items from your previous home, you can bring life to a new house by committing to installing wall hangings.

For some, hanging items on walls can seem like a big challenge. Deciding where to put each item, marking proper placement and installing appropriate wall hooks is time-consuming. You may find it easier to break this task down into rooms or commit to hanging so many items per week. This will make the task more manageable and enjoyable.

Display Childhood Items

Re-introducing items from your childhood or family heirlooms can signify a house that is your new home for good. Bringing in items that spark joy or good memories creates a warm association with a new home and can remind you of the new memories that you seek to make there. This can be especially helpful if the items were on display in a previous home that is associated with good memories. Having something familiar in a new space can help provide calmness and reassurance.

Clean It Up

Boxes, packing paper, tape and bubble wrap can crowd your new home when unpacking commences. In going through items, it can be easy to create a chaotic environment that soon becomes the norm. Before you know it, your house is buried in packing materials and boxes, hardly leaving it feeling like a new home.

Be sure to organize as you go along. Set boxes out to the curb for others who may be preparing to move. Recycle packing paper at a local facility or through a neighborhood program. Put boxes away in their corresponding room to free up space. All these measures can aid your new house in eliciting a home-like feel.

Lighten Up Your New Space

Natural light encourages positivity, cleanliness, and optimism. Opening windows on warm days, pulling back curtains to let natural light enter and decorating with bright colors can help bring warmth into a dimly lit house. Researchers have found that natural light in a home improves mood, enhances sleep quality, and promotes productivity. Associating these positive qualities with your new space will have your house feeling like a home in no time.

Give Precedence to Youth Rooms

The first thing you want to do in a new home is jump into organizing the kitchen or preparing the living space. However, prioritizing the rooms of your children should be your first tasks. Though it may sound counter-intuitive, providing your children with their own space to play and create alone can free up some of your time and space in the long run. By setting out their favorite toys and preparing beds, kids will feel more apt to keep themselves occupied while you work on larger areas. Creating a positive space for your children helps improve their perception of their new home.


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