London: All Things to See

Things to See in London

This world has amazing places, yet London is one of the most travelled cities in the world, and to many people, it is also a favourite place to see. In this article, we will present to you London’s best desserts, tourist spots or where to find the best tea in town. In addition, to find the best in your life it doesn’t matter if you visit your town, your state or even an entire country. It is always good to get out and try something new.

The Sweetest Spot in London

When you visit the city of London and you feel like trying something sweet, take a stroll to Bubblewrap on Wardour Street. This dessert shop is so delicious and decadent that once you try some sweets you can’t stop. Bubblewrap has brought one of Hong Kong’s most popular street snacks, the egg-shaped waffles, which are high piled with lashings of tasty toppings. 

The dessert shop is rather small but literally so sweet and it comes with veritable Willy Wonka factory waffles. Once you are inside the shop, you can start by picking the waffle base, which is plain, chocolate or matcha. Then, you can choose a selection of fillings like strawberry, cheesecake, pistachio gelato, white chocolate stars, banana and strawberry. 

Besides, the egg waffle recipe dates back in the 1950s when canny market traders created an ovular-shaped waffle machine. Today, the recipe has become one of the most popular Instagram snacks that are around. The dessert shop also comes with a heartwarming background story. It all started with a project from Imperial College Business School Innovation and after many rejections and years of trading on weekend markets, the owners have finally found a permanent site in Chinatown. 

Where To Go & How To Make It in London

In Europe, London is the most visited city by around 27 millions of people every year. This city is so diverse that it is split into five districts, North, West, South, East and Central London. These districts are full of art, entertainment, history, dining and more. There is always something for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a tourist.

In addition, you will never get tired of exploring London, from riding the London Eye to walking the funky streets of Camden and everything in between. This city is a cultural packed metropolis which will make many of you want to stay. Speaking of the London Eye or Millennium Wheel, this cantilevered observation wheel is Europe’s tallest wheel and the most popular tourist attraction in the UK. This giant Ferris wheel has amazing lights with spectacular colours and it can be seen from across the Thames. When you are riding the Eye you can see the entire city. Usually, during New Year’s Eve, the Eye is lit up by both lights and fireworks. This Ferris Wheel cannot be missed, especially at night. 

When it comes to culture and London, there is one place that has them both, sort to speak. Camden is one of the most well-known neighbourhoods for finding culture. The community here is full of alternatives with vibrant people and places. The Camden Market holds amazing international street food, unique vendors, vintage shops and much more. If you want to have a souvenir or a memory of London, this market-neighbourhood must be the perfect place. I’m sure you can find many gift shops that have all sorts of things that can bring memories, from a nice and fancy London nanoblock to London fridge magnets and many other souvenirs.

When travelling around London another must-see place is Westminster. This political centre of London also holds the Houses of the Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Here you can explore London’s governmental history and present. In addition, here you can also find statues of important political icons, such as Winston’s Churchill statue which resides in Parliament Square. Westminster is an important London spot, for its citizens and also for tourists.

If you are a fan of architecture or even an architecture student that comes to visit the city of London for its art, you will find out that St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most astonishing sights you’ll see in London. The artwork is done by Christopher Wren and it is breathtaking. This cathedral stands for more than 300 years. You can also climb it to the top, there are 528 steps but they are worth it. You will see that the view on the top is amazing. The cathedral can be found on the highest point of the city of London, on Ludgate Hill.

Tea Time in London

The British people are known for their tea time and you will find nothing less about tea in London. At just a stone’s throw from Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square, there is a restaurant called National Portrait Gallery which is a relaxed yet elegant place. Here you can enjoy your afternoon tea while looking out on Nelson in Trafalgar Square and across Whitehall to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye. 

The afternoon tea is a unique execution of the British traditions of featuring delicious savoury desserts. In here you will also see a wide selection of teas offered by My Cup of Tea, which is a young London-based importer and tea blender. Here you can also choose from seasonal bellinis and sparkling wines.

Last Words

London is a very big city and what we had written in this article isn’t enough. We pretty much forgot about London’s Street Art that you will definitely see during your visit. If you are used to seeing the graffiti art movement of New York, you will also find it in London. For example, the Australian street artist, Jimmy C. has painted a portrait of William Shakespeare on a brick wall in Clink Street, which is just yards away from the Bankside playhouses where the Bard worked. 

In addition, the artist Fabio Panone Lopes has also put his hands on one of London’s walls. For example, in Camden Town, yes the market-neighbourhood you will see a beautiful large scale mural with exotic animals. And in York, you will see a woman collaged together, however, unfortunately, nobody knows the artist, but it is a popular piece among the locals. 


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