Make your next Zoom call one to remember with these five unique ideas


As the current lockdown continues for the foreseeable future – though with some more lenient restrictions – people’s ideas for keeping entertained seem to be more or less focused on maintaining contact with friends and family. The easiest way to do that has been to use the Zoom app which enables screen sharing with as many people as you like. But, with everything, even a Zoom call can get a bit tedious, so here are five ideas to maintain that good feeling over such a call.

Get your game face on

Families and friends are notorious for being highly competitive with each other, albeit in a loving (mostly) way. Appoint a quizmaster to create a quiz or just simply find one on the internet to test your close ones with. Add to that a plethora of traditional games like bingo and you have the recipe for both fun and comic rivalry. There are a number of trusted bingo sites out there that will trial both your concentration and competitive side as the virtual dabber becomes your best friend.

Of course, there could be some sort of prize such as a free drink once lockdown is over to raise the stakes further. 

Forget the O2, attend a virtual concert

Something wacky and likely to get your friends or family talking about for a while is that of a virtual gig. Concerts such as these continue to pop up around the world with the List providing the ability to monitor your favourite artists or events that could announce a live concert online. What better way to actually not be at a gig but to enjoy live music with friends than this?

This performing has even permeated the comedy scene with new acts projecting their talent to a live audience, albeit online. A Zoom call doesn’t have to be just talking into a webcam for hours until you and your friends or family get bored. Spice it up.

Make virtual cocktails

No doubt there will be those out there that are missing the weekend and going out with friends to their favourite bar or club for some alcohol-infused fun. Well, bring the bar home and get cocktail mixing over a Zoom call. Challenge your friends to all make the same one or a different one each and compare how they taste. 

Making cocktails – or mocktails if you are working the next day or are teetotal – can be both fun and interesting. The Whisky Exchange’s clear guidelines can help instruct you on creating your tipple.

Host a digital dinner party

Who says you can’t still enjoy a meal out with friends and family? Get everyone cooking their favourite dish from their favourite restaurant – or a particular theme – and sit down and eat together just as if you were in that restaurant. Let the wine and conversation flow as you indulge in a three-course meal. Of course, you could be really cheeky and employ one of your household as a waiter or waitress, but do ask nicely.

Virtual book club

For those that find solace and entertainment in a book and like to share that with others, all is not lost either. If you are already in a book club or enjoy reading books with friends, simply set up a Zoom call and get ready to discuss the latest notes on fine paper. Adapt with what you have got in front of you; there’s no need to put your learning on hold.

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