Subscription Services That Can Change Your Life


One of the biggest changes in the world of consumer retail marketing is the concept of monthly subscriptions. What was a rarity just a decade ago is now commonplace. In fact, you can now order just about any item to be delivered to your home in a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly subscription box. Of course, some products lend themselves to this new trend more readily than others. Some of the hottest items currently keeping postal workers busy include all things beauty-related, medical marijuana, steaks, gourmet foods, and clothing. Retailers are experimenting with new ideas all the time, so expect other versions of this new twist on consumer sales to show up in the near future. For now, here’s more about this segment’s biggest winners.


If you can think of a beauty product, there’s a subscription service that includes it in their bundled packages. Women’s beauty and bath is the official name of this product category, and it’s taking off faster than most business operators can measure it. If you find a special soap, nail polish, shampoo, or anything else you feel devoted to, a monthly service is the way to go. Not only can you order customized packages, but the club concept offers you samples of new items that have just come onto the market. That means you’re getting the best of both worlds: reliable products you already enjoy and fresh ones that few stores have even stocked yet.

Medical Marijuana

The marijuana subscription service might be the big news story of the year. Buyers who live in states where recreational or medical marijuana (MMJ) has been legalized stand to save on the cost of cannabis compared to standard prices at local dispensaries. For example, one of the more popular companies, called Nugg Club, informs their clients that in every box, they get 5-6 products that match their preferences. In other words, you not only get discount cannabis, but have the chance to save on accessories like paper and pipes.

Gourmet Food

Here’s another category that is not new but is using modern marketing methods to sell more goods. Plus, the range of products in the gourmet lineup is now incredibly broad. With the popularity of cooking shows on television these days, it’s no wonder that people have found something to love in monthly gourmet goodie boxes full of chocolates, exotic fruits, rare spices, specialty coffees, and other high-end food items. A few companies offer accessories like utensils, napkins, cookware, and other products that go well with the concept of gourmet eating. One of the most in-demand sub-categories is vegetarian and vegan gourmet foods, which people just can’t seem to get enough of.

Frozen Steaks

These services have been around for decades but are now coming with a new twist. They’re combining the frozen steaks with other gourmet items like high-grade coffee, Swiss chocolate, and small bottles of fine whiskey. Apparently, people who order steaks in the mail like their candy, alcohol and coffee too. Most of the steak subscription services are U.S.-based, but a few are springing up in Japan and Mexico.


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