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Wire free security cameras are the most robust type of security cameras available in the market. Most people still prefer the wired systems, but now as the use of the wireless internet is widespread and in almost each house, we have the WIFI connection, so electronics devices are also shifting to wireless.

In this article we will explain you the types of Wire free security cameras with respect to the purpose of use. The manufacturers have divided the Wire-free security cameras in different classes only because the buyers need to us them for varying purposes.

Types of wire-free security cameras

Here are a few common types of wire-free security cameras that can work with out wires.

1.    The hidden security cameras

The hidden security cameras are the one which are quite small in size and the suspects cannot find them easily. As the purpose of use is to hide the security camera, and to make the suspects feel as if nobody is watching them so it is necessary to install these cameras without wires.

These are wire free security cameras, you do not need any type of wired connection. They will work through the WIFI connections, and the power supply is also wireless, which is through the battery-based systems.

The hidden security cameras can be used for the following purposes.

  • To keep an eye on your employee without disturbing the employee-employer relationship.
  • For watching the maids working in your house.
  • To understand the daily routine of your kids when you are not around.
  • To keep an eye on the intruders while fooling them that nobody is watching them.
  • To study the behavior of a group of people without realizing them that theya re being watched, because it will affect the results of the experiment.

The hidden security cameras are quite affordable, venue though they come with the best quality and robust technology still the set up will not cost you much.

Another amazing thing about the hidden security cameras is their size, you can keep them anywhere you want. They will not occupy much space. The best place to install a hidden security camera is behind something big, while you let the lens peek through the available space.

2.    The cellular security cameras

If you do not want to rely on the WiFi because the WiFi connections in our locality are not very reliable and they can cause serious damage to your property or your family.

The cellular security cameras are the type of wire-free security cameras which does not need the WIFI connection to work, instead the users are supposed to insert a SIM in the security cameras to ensure the internet facility.

You can use nay SIM working in your region and set the best internet package for the cameras to work. These security cameras can work best in forests, countryside’s, where there are very weak WIFI connections.

You can have these at your farmhouses, sometimes, installing a Wi-Fi connection for a far of place can be really expensive, so you can simply get the cellular security cameras for this purpose or any other kind of security camera that can work without Wi-Fi connection in detail from Daniel Kim.

3.    Car security cameras

These are also available as wired security cameras, but if you are only going to use th car security camera when you are using the car then the wire-free security cameras are the best.

These security cameras are designed differently, you cannot use these as your regular home security device. The vision of a car security camera is usually lesser than the rest of the security cameras available in the market.

Just like any other wire-free security camera the car security cameras also rely on the storage and the batteries, so these two factors need to be considered before buying. The third important factor in car security cameras are the connectivity, you can either connect an alarm with the car security camera or a simple Wi-Fi device in your car can also help to inform you about some suspicion.

Here is why you will need a car wire-free security camera

  • To keep an eye on the people who are trying to steal your car.
  • To watch the people sitting inside your car.

These are the two most common reasons to buy a car wire-free security camera.

Factors to check in a wire-free security camera

Following are the things to check when you are planning to buy a wire-free security camera.

  • The visions and resolution, the wire-free security cameras such as hidden and car security cameras are not available in a better resolution or wide angle, but still the wider and the higher the better for the surveillance purpose.

Both the resolution and the wide angle of a wire free security camera are vital for the satisfactory image and video results.

  • The batteries are important because the wire-free security cameras do not work on any type of power supply other than the batteries. For a smooth and reliable working, you must buy the wire free security cameras with a battery life of more than 7 days.
  • The storage, it will depend upon the usage if you are planning to use your security camera 24/7 then a cloud storage will be suitable for your security camera.
  • The weather protection is also very important if you are trying to buy an outdoor wire-free security camera. the regular security cameras are not suitable for an outdoor installation only because they are not water and weather resistant.

Wrapping up

We have discussed the three types of wire-free security cameras. all these types have their unique functions, and their types are based on their use. After understanding the differences in each type, you can buy the best and most suitable security camera for your house or office surveillance.


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