5 activities in Argentina you will want to do at least once in your life


Do you want your staying in Argentina to be unforgettable? Quickly discover these 5 unique activities selected for their unusual character. A day in an estancia, a visit under the full moon or a helicopter tour… Plenty of surprises to discover in this wonderful country. 

Let’s get started!

1- Palacio Barolo Night Tour

Atmospheres from the 1920s and breathtaking views of the entire city of Buenos Aires await you at Palacio Barolo. Located on the famous Avenida de Mayo, this superb building with an original architectural style, a mixture of Art Nouveau and eclecticism, will appeal to more than one visitor! 

Built between 1919 and 1923 by Italian architect Mario Palanti, this building is inspired by the Divine Comedy. As in Dante’s work, the visitor symbolically follows the path that will lead him to Paradise. 

The tour begins with Hell on the ground floor and then continues through purgatory to the 14th floor. Finally, the last eight floors represent Paradise. The last step takes you to the gods, on the dome where the palace lighthouse is located. From there, the 360-degree view is breathtaking. Surprise! The lighthouse turns on and projects its lights towards Congress’ dome and all over the city.

But your visit to the center town doesn’t stop here: schedule some time while being in the city to learn Spanish Argentina. There plenty of great Spanish schools in Buenos Aires, and Expanish is trending!

earn spanish argentina

2- Helicopter flight over Ushuaia

Do you want to discover Ushuaia differently? Take to the skies and discover the end of the world seen from above! You have the choice between several circuits from half an hour to an hour in flight. 

Once the route has been defined, embark on the helicopter and let yourself enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the Beagle Canal then head for the legendary Tierra del Fuego National Park. Another option is to fly over the Valle Tierra Mayo, the famous Monte Olivia and land on the Cerro Cloché with its incredible panorama.

3- Iguazú Falls in the moonlight

No need to present the Iguazú Falls, this fringe of 300 waterfalls nestled in the heart of the jungle is undoubtedly a true wonder of nature. Walks are organized five evenings a month, under the full moon. At the heart of the night, in absolute silence, you enter the grounds of the park and continue on your way to the Cataratas train station. This drops you off at the end of the park and the adventure can begin. Guided by the moonlight you enter the tropical forest and take the walkways towards Garganta del Diablo. 

The silence gives way to the sound of animals and the scents of the flora revealed. In the distance, the rumble of the gorges is heard. On your way, the moon is reflected in the waterfalls revealing a fascinating spectacle of shimmering lights. Suddenly, the rumblings turn into a deafening din. 

There, in front of you, stands a steep 90 m drop, Garganta del Diablo. You have arrived at your destination. Sublimated by the glow of the night, the sumptuous landscapes of the Iguazú Falls give the impression of a waking dream.

learn spanish argentina

4- Swimming with sea lions

Swim with dolphins ? No, better: swim with sea lions! Embark on an underwater getaway in Puerto Madryn, not far from Valdés. The adventure begins at sunrise. Once you put on your wetsuit, your mask and your snorkel, you get towards the marine nature reserve where the sea lions live. On the rocks, the first of them appear. 

At the head of each, a male and a dozen females. The growls of the pack leaders are heard, you are on their territory. Now you have to take the plunge! After a few seconds of hesitation, the sea lions approach, curious. You will find yourself face to face with these funny aquatic dogs. 

It’s time for a game. Seagulls, cormorants and other sea birds swirl above the water. An hour later it is time to return to dry land. A most enchanting dive!

5- Escape Buenos Aires city for one night

Want to spend a day away from the busy Buenos Aires? The great outdoors make you dream? Immerse yourself in the gaucho culture at a few hundred kilometers from the Argentine capital in one country house. 

While providing great comfort, this typical farmhouse offers you a total immersion in the culture of the famous Argentine cowboys. On the program: horseback riding, folk dance show. 

Travelers looking for relax can enjoy pools and spa services. At lunchtime, the smell of delicately grilled meat teases your nostrils: make way for the traditional and delicious Argentinian asado.


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