Interior Design Styles For Traditional Homes

Styles For Traditional Homes

When it comes to traditional homes it is easy to be concerned with the concept  of interior design. Many people think that traditional or character homes should retain as many original features as possible and not be too concerned with interior design trends.

Whilst it may be a good idea to stay away from fashion led trends when it comes to the décor of your traditional home, it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with the design of it. 

Here we look at three stylish ways to style your traditional home without losing character. Interior Design Styles For Traditional Homes-

  • Utilize Elaborate Focal Points

Celebrate the grandeur of a character home by adding even more character with pieces that draw the eye but don’t completely take over the space. Think intricately designed fireplaces and large chandeliers and you will be on your way to creating elaborately designed rooms without appearing garish. 

When it comes to the design of a traditional space that has large ceilings and huge windows smaller pieces can get lost. These types of rooms will handle strong decorative pieces well and really allow you to make a statement.\

  • Use Different Color Shades to use Color Creatively

Just because you have a character home doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with color. Use color to create a sense of calm or a mood for a particular space but don’t be afraid to use more than one color in each space and to create a centerpiece or statement wall.

If you are feeling a little less adventurous but still want to try different colors then use different shades of the same color to create a low key statement and feel your way with you own interior design by mixing shades.

  • Finishing Touches Make All The Difference

With character properties it is the small details that make the biggest impact and the finishing touches when it comes to decoration are key to marking the difference between a nice home and a stylish home. 

Pay attention to pieces such as skirting boards, wood panels, lighting fixtures, plug sockets, curtain ties and anything else that helps to make the room look finished. 

You can even make small design statements with these finishing touches without spoiling the original design of the space. 

For traditional spaces the use of Ovolo skirting board can be of particular benefit when creating a sense of luxury but also blending the old and the new. This traditional style of skirting board lends itself to a more contemporary space but keeps that characterful charm.

Above all, when it comes to the design of your home you want to make it your own. So long as you are happy with the way it looks then it doesn’t matter whether you stick to the rule book or make it up as you go along. Just be clear on what you want and try to stick with that. 

Avoiding seasonal trends is also a good idea to ensure your love for the design doesn’t fade away with the current season.


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