How long do weed brownies last before they get bad

weed brownies

Eating weed brownies is not the same as smoking weed. This is because eating the weed you tend to have a euphoria that lasts a bit longer for you to start feeling the effects and the weed also lasts longer. On the other hand, you can have an instant effect after smoking weed. For these reasons, many people are now preferring consuming edible weed. But the question is how long do weed brownies last before they go bad? Well, this post will explain the various ways you can keep weed edibles to prevent them from going bad. 

Why do weed brownies go bad?

Any food that has weed that is infused into it should be treated like any regular food. Like regular food, various factors can contribute to it going bad. If the edible weed has ingredients that can cause the food to go bad, like dairy, perhaps it will go bad quite quickly. The good news is that brownies with weed usually last longer than the others. 

Making weed brownies is quite easy, and once you know how to make weed brownies, it can easily become your favorite weed edible. However, you should use such a weed brownie as soon as possible to prevent it from going stale. Foods that are regarded as fruitless such as candies consist mainly of sugar. They tend to change after you add weed into them, though they usually last a bit longer than other types of edibles.

Storing weed brownies

Before you learn how to store weed brownies, it is important to understand that edibles lose negligible potency even after storing them for a long time. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your stored weed brownies. Below are a few tricks you can use to preserve your edibles for some time:

  • Keep the weed brownies in your fridge. This applies to all baked foods infused with weed they can last in the fridge for quite longer.
  • Use a sealed container to keep your weed brownies. The container shouldn’t be transparent because it can let in light. Keep in mind that unnecessary light can spoil your weed brownie.
  • The containers should be airtight and not loose paper or bags. Even better, you can use vacuum sealing.

Alternatively, you can opt to freeze your weed brownies to keep them in a good state as long as you want. So if you want to store frozen weed brownies, consider using an opaque container to prevent light exposure. 

Another best way is to wrap your weed edibles in a parchment paper and place them in glass jars. While freezing the glass jars, ensure that to put it in the freezer and wait until its contents have reached room temperature. Also, leave a space at the top because many food substances expand when they freeze.  

There is no doubt that weed brownies are a great way to consume cannabis. But you need to store them properly to make sure that they last for a long time. Regardless of the way you have stored your weed brownies, it’s necessary to consume them as soon as you can. Therefore, you can keep them for about two weeks in the pantry, three months while in the freezer, and one month in the fridge.


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