How to Have a Meaningful Birthday in Hong Kong

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Perhaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic or with your loved one away on a business trip, you will be celebrating your birthday in Hong Kong alone this year. But no need to feel upset. Because whether you want to celebrate at home or out there’re many ways for you to have a wonderful birthday in Hong Kong!

On your birthday, you can dress up more special than usual, making yourself more charming and attractive, because on this day you are the protagonist. You can relax yourself to your heart’s content, and buy something that you usually feel extravagant as a birthday gift. If you live in the urban area of ​​Hong Kong, we recommend you go to the suburbs for relaxation on your birthday.

In order to make the most of your birthday, you’d better plan ahead:

  • Find out how much time you have to celebrate your birthday. Remember to check your calendar to see how much time you can free up for yourself. If you have to work on your birthday, see if you can spend more time enjoying breakfast at home or get off work earlier than usual. If you have spare annual leave, you may wish to take a holiday on this special day.
  • Plan your trip in advance. If you can, leave the area where you live and travel to the suburbs to celebrate your birthday. Remember to plan your trip weeks in advance and get the best deal on transportation and hotel, and to have enough time to pack your bags.
  • See where there are special birthday deals. In a few weeks or days before your birthday, check out your favourite restaurants and store websites to see if they offer special birthday deals for customers. Or, go to the counter of the store you frequent and ask if they have any special birthday plans for their customers.
  • Think about the birthday gift you want. Birthdays are incomplete without gifts. No matter what you want to buy, keep in mind your budget, but also remember that it’s worthwhile to squander yourself on your birthday. Pick something that you really want, that is fun and makes you happy (even if it seems to have no value).

When the important, big day finally arrives, the key question is how you make your birthday from day to night fun and meaningful? Here are some ideas.

  1. Have a special breakfast

On the morning of your birthday, satisfy yourself with something special, tasty and delicious. If you have to work on this day, spend time preparing yourself a nice breakfast, like French toast, to begin a great day.

birthday gift

2. Enjoy outdoors on your birthday

Try to get a break from routine, go outdoor, and enjoy nature. Exercise and fresh air rejuvenate you, and you can also take the opportunity to reflect on your past year. You can also go cycling or walking in the suburbs. If you live in an urban area and do not have a bicycle, you may wish to check if there is a bicycle rental service nearby.

3. Fulfil the thing you particularly want to do

You should spend your birthday doing what you really want to do. Whether you prefer to stay at home or go out, be sure to engage yourself in fun and relaxing activities. If there’s something you’ve meant to do but don’t have the time or dare to do, just do it on your birthday. You can also think of your birthday as a date with yourself — just wandering around the museum, spending a leisurely afternoon, or shopping all day and then having dinner at the best restaurant in town.

4. Eat whatever you want at dinner

If you enjoy cooking, try cooking a warm traditional birthday food, Longevity Noodles. You can also pre-record your favorite cooking show and make a new dish along with the host on your birthday. If you’re not the cooking type or don’t have time for cooking, you can order takeout or eat in your favorite restaurant. Remember to order your favourite food, as you are the protagonist of this day!

5. Have a special snack for dessert

Birthday celebrations without desserts are not complete. If you want to enjoy birthday cake but don’t want to be tempted by a big cake in the kitchen for the following week, go to a nearby bakery and buy one or two delicious cupcakes. You can even ask the clerk to write “Happy Birthday” on the cake with frosting.

6. Relax yourself before you go to bed

After a day’s celebration, try to relax yourself in the evening. Bathe in hot water or soak comfortably in a bath. Hopefully this year’s birthday is the best birthdays you have ever had!


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