Adventure Sports in Nepal

Adventure Sports in Nepal
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Traveling to Nepal and wondering what to do to spend your time and make great memories? If you are an adventure enthusiast like me, you must be searching for some adventure sports in Nepal to make your time more exciting. Search no more, we have brought to you the list of 6 popular adventure sports in Nepal.

Being the tourist hub that Nepal is, it has many activities to offer you suitable for every age and interests. Especially for adventure enthusiasts, Nepal offers a wide range of adventure sports for the daring and thrill lovers. 

You can find adventure sports ranging that take you on your feet, on your bikes, or even in the sky. There is no adventure sport that will disappoint you in Nepal as everything will be wrapped neatly with the beauty of the country and you will get to learn more about the place. Find the adventure sport that suits you the best among the following adventure sports in Nepal. 

Everest Base Camp in Helicopter

The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour with landing has now become the next best thing in Nepal. With people having less time but wanting to experience the thrill of reaching the Everest Base Camp, Everest base camp helicopter tour has come out as the savior of all. You get to tour the Everest Base Camp along the routes of Everest base camp trek within a day in around 4 hours at most. 

White River Rafting with fishing

Adventure sports not related to water in a country that is second richest in water resources? That cannot be, right? So enjoy the white river rafting with fishing in Nepal. What could be more adventurous than fighting against strong rapids of the river and taking short fishing breaks in between? Sounds refreshing and calming, doesn’t it? 

So wait no more and get yourself signed up for a white river rafting and fishing tour. There are only so many rivers for white rafting. Every white river rafting destination has a different perk of its own. Some lets you enjoy the strong rapids as you fight against the waves while some take you to hidden islands and beautiful views. One thing is for sure though, you will get to enjoy the destination to your fullest as you take your fishing rod and calmly wait for the fish to take the bait as you enjoy the majestic view the destination has to offer you. 

Nothing beats the extravagant feeling of enjoying the vacation whilst staying at the riverbed enjoying your fishing and later savoring the taste of fresh fish. 

Bungee jumping

One of the most popular adventure sports in Nepal all year round is bungee jumping. This is one of the extreme adventure sports where you jump off a high altitude with nothing but a rope attached to your feet. Sounds thrilling just to listen to it, doesn’t it?

One of the popular destinations for Bungee Jumping in Nepal is on the Bhotekoshi River Bride 3 hours drive from Kathmandu. The bride is at a height of 160 meters near the Tibetan border. The fall takes you extremely close to the Bhote Koshi river. The fall takes place at a speed of 150 km/hr free-falling 100 meters. Don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure the next time you visit Nepal. 


Ever dreamed of flying like a bird and enjoying the bird’s view of the world? With paragliding, you will get to make your dream come true. You must be thinking that a flight in the airplane must be the same. No, paragliding is a different experience and very close to flying like a bird. 

Imagine the fresh air breezing your face and you fly through the beautiful views of the place and being so close to the clouds. Well, with the Sarangkot hills in Pokhara, Paragliding has become one of the most popular sports. Tourists travel to this spot to enjoy this magical experience all throughout the year. The experience is not all about floating in the sky, it’s also about the beautiful views of the mountains and the civilization that you get to enjoy while performing this adventure sport in Nepal. 

Make sure to spread your wings and fly on your next visit to Nepal. 

Mountain biking

For the adventure sport lovers out there, Nepal is a great destination for mountain biking. With a hilly terrain, Nepal has great destinations for mountain biking with great views and new experiences. 

Unlike tours with a guide and a vehicle driving you to places, make your own way. Be your own guide with mountain biking in Nepal. Mountain biking is always fun with friends. Tag along with a bunch of friends and head out on your own adventure through suspension bridges off the road tracks and remote areas. The mountain biking regions in Nepal always rewards you with great views and unique culture and traditions. Also, you can also team up with a bunch of bike clubs in Nepal. This makes up for a great opportunity to make new friends and learn new tricks and find new destinations. 

High Altitude Trekking

Being home to the highest mountain in the world, high altitude trekking is obviously on the top of the adventure sports provided by Nepal. Imagine trekking to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world and admiring the glorious peak live in front of you. I can’t think of a more thrilling adventure. 

Everest base camp trek is one of the most popular high altitude trekking in Nepal along with other treks like Annapurna Region treks and Langtang treks. However, Everest Base Camp Trek steals the cake as the most popular adventure trek in Nepal. 

Trekking in the remote areas of the Everest Region on the trekking trails filled with great views and waterfalls, lush vegetation, and suspension bridges for weeks is a unique adventure sport. Not all can achieve this feat. only the daring and adventurous ones can achieve this great accomplishment. 

What more can you expect from the highest mountain in the world, right? Well, you can also enjoy the trek in a unique way. 


You have always seen this in the movies. You might as well live this experience in real life. Take on this daring and thrilling adventure and take the jump. Sky diving is popular in Pokhara in Nepal also known as the Everest skydive. You have made the climb to Mount Everest, now it’s time to enjoy the descent in a unique way. 

As the height of Mount Everest is known as the highest altitude a human can stand, you will take your jump from the plane at the height of the highest mountain in the world. Free-falling from 11000 ft, you can enjoy the stunning Annapurna and Machhapuchhre range during your fall. As long as you have a strong heart and a desire for thrill, you can make this jump. 

We hope you make lots of beautiful memories enjoying these adventure sports and come back for more thrilling adventures in the future. 


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