How to Spend 2 Week in Nepal

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Nepal has always mend itself as the most popular trekking destination with the famed Everest Base Camp. But that’s just not the only beauty to it. There are many hidden gems within the country that’s worth scouting as much as the base camp. 

They rightfully own the travelers time and be explored conscientiously. Nepals’ cram-full of spectacular places are so engaging that people fail to count the days of stay. One can spend months walking the old trails of the himalayas and still not get tired of. 

Living in the remote villages amidst locals is in trend these days. Taking a peek into the culture of different ethnic groups seem to have a strong interest in hikers. 

Even apart from that, there are a great number of places to watch here. Nepal has got desert canyons in Mustang with arid cliffs, cantilever bridges in the sweeping rivers of Himalayas and rolling hills.

Roaring rivers of Nepal are heavy-hitters as they provide ample activities to do. Travelers spend the whole day fishing in the river or else enjoy kayaking, and rafting. As there are numerous things to do in Nepal, we’ve shortlisted a few activities for how to spend 2 week in Nepal. 

Trekking in Nepal

Whether first-timer or frequent visitor, no one can escape the splendour of himalayas and its snow-peaks. Leaving aside a few, every traveler makes trekking their first choice during their visit to Nepal. Everest Base Camp of course, means business and has the most visitors of all trekking spots. They find it the best possible answer for how to spend 2 week in Nepal. 

Everest Base Camp 

It’s perhaps the most traveled trekking destination not just in Nepal but around the world. Popularity of Trek to Everest Base Camp rises every single day. More trekkers mount the campsite than Everest itself and retrace their steps back. 

Climbers spend nearly 14 days ascending steep hills past old villages, monasteries and lush meadows to arrive at the camp. But before that they take a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. 

The views are unlike anywhere else in the camp having to watch lofty Mt. Everest and Nuptse. Trekkers will also get to see the glistening glaciers and unique landscapes of Kala Patthar. 

Annapurna Base Camp 

Annapurna, another sought-after trekking spot has the travelers go fanatic for its natural grandeur. Mountaineers are well and prepared to invest their two weeks time scaling the trails and steep hills of Annapurna. 

It pays off though as trekkers get to sightsee the fantastic Thorong La Pass and Annapurna Massif. Passing through the classic Nepalese villages is no new but getting to know their way of life is fascinating. 

Above and beyond there are plenty other trekking destinations that can be done in 2 weeks. Langtang Valley Trek makes one ideal spot for short trekking and yet offers marvellous views. Main attractions of the hike include Langtang Lirung, Gosainkunda Lake and magnetic Kyanjin Gompa. 

Peak Climbing in Nepal 

Sitting high above the clouds are Nepal’s imposing snow peaks which every avid trekker is keen to mount but not all dares to do. Climbing a peak is a strenuous task and requires lots of training and preparation. 

Climbers have to halt all their schedules and set adequate time for mountain climbing. Just to ascend Everest, trekkers have to reserve more than two months. They need to spend days and weeks in acclimatization only to prevent altitude sickness. 

This can be too much for a hiker who plans to spend as little as two weeks in Nepal. So only for these climbers, Nepal has a few short treks to offer including Yala Peak. 

Yala Peak 

Yala Peak in Langtang has such stunning views that anyone would yearn to reach the summit. It’s almost the same elevation of Everest Base Camp and lies north of Langtang region. 

More credit to its usual distance from Syabru Besi, scaling the peak is a lot easier. It requires about 14 days to scramble the trail of Yala that runs through villages of Lama Hotel. Winding route moves via Kyanjin Gompa and the oak forest to reach the peak. 

Normally a day is scheduled for altitude acclimatization in order to avoid altitude sickness. Not utterly but climbers have to use crampons to ascend the last 700 meters altitude. You’ll get to have a glimpse of Langtang II and Dorje Lakpa and Shishapangma from the summit. 

Island Peak Climbing

Roosted on the eastern side of Himalayas, Island Peak is slightly infamous but evenly magnetic. It’s a geographical marvel with splendid landscapes that no trekker would mind having a glance at. 

Although it takes as much time as Everest Base Camp, Island Peak Climbing is far more challenging. Trekkers have to make their way through ice sheets and snowy terrains to arrive at the summit. 

The less crowd on the trail makes the hike even tougher with no help to get. Acclimatization is done after Pheriche to conquer the rolling lanes and terminal moraine before Lobuche. Views from Island Peak are breathtaking as you get to watch Ama Dablam and Lhotse. 

Fishing And Rafting 

Nepal may be famous for its treks but fishing is no less important. It’s been one of the most enjoyed recreational activities by travelers these days. That being so fishing in Nepal is booming day after day. 

Anglers never fall short of rivers to fish in Nepal be it any corner of the region. There are impressive rivers of every rapids in the country and Seti Karnali River is one of them. It surely solves your problem of how to spend 2 week in Nepal. 

Seti Karnali River 

Seti Karnali River is the finest high current river that best suits fishing as well as rafting. The nutritive water of the river has allowed small fish to outgrow. This is one good reason why anglers need to spend their two weeks fishing in Seti Karnali River

The trip is as simple as it is having only to take a flight to Nepalgunj and a short drive to Dipayal. Gopi Ghat is the start point for fishing in Seti Karnali which later moves to Scorpion Camp and Ghat Gaun. 

Every river confluence of Seti Karnali is habitat to varied species of fish. Anglers can find a wide species of fish here but mostly Golden Mahseer, Bokar, Asla and Mahseer. 

Tamor River 

Tamor River is another popular river where you can have a good time fishing. Flowing smoothly in eastern Nepal, the river originates from Mt. Kanchenjunga. 

The 2-week angling excursion of Tamor begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar. That’s followed by a short ride up to Dharan Mul-Ghat where you’ll fish in the river for the first time. 

Throughout the 14-days trip, you’ll travel to many secluded parts like Ghangera and Mai Beni. The catch in the river can be as many as Goonch, Himalayan Trout and Silver Mahseer. 

Now that’s a whole lot of fish to catch for which anglers need a reliable tool. A fishing net might help but you won’t be able to enjoy the activity to fullest with it. So better carry off a spinning rod as it casts farther and smoother. 

Don’t be absurd and forget to bring yourself an Ultralight Spinning Reel and  rods  to spool the line and catch fish. You might be able to find a natural lure but bringing an artificial bait always helps. 


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