How to Dress a Newborn Baby: The Ultimate Guide

how to dress a newborn

Did you know that you can expect a baby to double their birth weight once they’re five months old? This means you should have a good amount of baby clothes on reserve for your little one!

When it comes to how to dress a newborn, navigating the seas can be a little uncertain. You may be wondering if there should be different outfits for sleeping, going out, and how to work your special touch into an outfit.

That’s why we’ve got you covered with these eight key tips, making your ultimate guide on how to dress a baby!

1. Sleeping Suits

While mittens and socks on a sleeping baby might look adorable, if you want your baby to have the best sleeping experience possible, you don’t need a lot of extra items.

In fact, when dressing babies for napping or bedtime, the bare minimum is going to be your best bet. That means a simple onesie under your baby’s swaddling blanket or sleep sack.

You can always opt for long-sleeved onesies too, just in case you’re worried about your baby scratching themselves in their sleep. This simplicity lowers the potential of your child wiggling out of their clothes and keeps them in a good position for a comfortable night of rest.

2. Diaper Delicacy

Part of dressing a newborn baby is putting a diaper on them, so you should always account for this step when getting your baby ready for the day.

Make sure that the diaper is positioned properly on your baby so that you can account for the outfit that you want them to be wearing. It shouldn’t be too far up your baby’s back, or too tight or too loose on them.

Cloth or disposable, the way your diaper sits on your baby will make a difference when assembling their clothes, so make sure to refresh your memory if you need to!

3. Weather the Weather

The temperature outside (and inside) is especially important as you will want to make sure your baby isn’t too cold or too warm.

If you’re heading into hot weather, too many layers aren’t the best idea. However, since newborns shouldn’t get too much direct sunlight, it’s important that the layer you dress them with covers their body well because they can’t wear sunscreen yet.

If it’s cold out, layer carefully! Layers will help keep your baby safe from the cold, but if you’re not careful your baby can overheat, which is one of the ways that sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) can occur.

4. Fashion and Function

It might be tempting to buy the tiny tank top with the words “Muscle Man” printed out on it, but you should make sure to keep a fashion vs. function mindset.

While definitely adorable, clothes like tank tops and shoes are not the most useful for newborns. If you want to flex a newborn outfit that includes a tank top and baby sneakers, know that you’ll probably be using it mostly indoors or solely for photoshoots.

And that’s ok! Knowing how and when to use the clothes you buy for your baby is what makes all the difference.

5. Helping Hats

At first, they may appear like an unnecessary accessory, but hats are actually quite useful for your baby. So, if you’ve been hoping to find out how headwear can help, here is your answer!

Hats are great tools for helping babies keep their heat in their body, whether it’s a full winter ensemble or a simple covering indoors. Hats are also a good way to protect your baby from the sun if they’re brimmed.

Picking up a hat or two is a great way to accessorize while keeping your baby safe and warm.

6. Be a Blanket Boss

Speaking of staying warm, blankets – while not a clothing item – should be essential in every outfit you put together when dressing babies.

You can never be too prepared when it comes to making sure your baby is warm enough, but you also can use blankets for so much more. Blankets on the go will ensure that you’ll always have something to help you clean, swaddle, or comfort your baby in the blink of an eye.

In preparing your baby’s next outfit, don’t forget to keep a blanket on reserve!

7. Complicated Costumes?

Here’s the nitty-gritty on the elaborate infant-wear you might be seeing all over your Instagram feed. Like in the “Fashion and Function” tip, knowing when and how you are going to use certain clothes makes all the difference when purchasing them.

However, when it comes to bigger ensembles like frilly dresses and complex costumes, you also should be thinking about the way that material feels on your baby. You should always be aiming to put breathable fabric on your child so that they don’t get irritated or develop rashes.

Putting some extra time into reading those labels on the dress you’re eyeing is worth it when it comes to keeping that smile on your baby’s face.

8. Popping Personality

Finally, make sure that you’re adding your special touch to your baby’s outfit! Simple is good, but that doesn’t mean their onesie can’t be your favorite color, or that their cap can’t have a fun design to it.

Putting personality into the way that your baby is dressed will make the responsibility all the more enjoyable!

How to Dress a Newborn Simplified!

Now you’re an expert on how to dress a newborn! Using these 8 tips as your foundation, you can’t go wrong when it comes to your outfit selection process.

Get ready to style your baby stress-free because you’re well equipped for any kind of weather or occasion! Armored with a baby blanket and brimmed hat, every stroll around the neighborhood will feel like you’re walking the red carpet with your child.

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