Best Air Conditioning Installation Tips You Must Read in 2020

Air Conditioning Installation Tips

Installing an air conditioning unit is serious business. You need to make sure you’re doing things right, or else your home or office space will not be cooled properly. What’s more improper installation can lead to maintenance issues in the long run.

That being said, here are some Air Conditioning Installation Tips  to keep in mind:

Call a Professional

You might be wondering if you can install your air conditioning unit yourself. The quick answer to this is, of course, yes. There are plenty of instructional articles and videos for do-it-yourself enthusiasts that you can find online. However, it’s still best to call an expert for air conditioning installation. Perth has no shortage of professionals who can ensure the best results, thankfully. You’ll even save more money this way. Why? Installing an air conditioner unit yourself might lead to problems. Then, you’ll really have to call in the experts. The cost of repairs might end up being higher than the initial cost of installation.

Measure the Room Before Buying

Before you buy an air conditioner, have your contractor measure the space to be cooled first. Based on the measurements, the contractor can inform you of the right size of air conditioner to get. An undersized air conditioning system will not be able to cool efficiently. Meanwhile, an oversized unit may not achieve a full cooling cycle and cause faster, premature wear and tear. Either way, getting the wrong size of air conditioner will waste energy and money.

Install Near the Ceiling

The ideal installation height of the indoor unit of split air conditioner is about 7 to 8 feet above the ground. Why are air conditioners fitted near the ceiling or near the top of a room? This is to ensure adequate cooling. Cold air tends to settle downwards; thus, when you place an air conditioner near the ground, the cold air won’t be able to move up and cool the room.

Ensure Proper Placement and Spacing

Aside from installing at the right height, you should also ensure that there’s enough space around the air conditioner. This ensures proper air flow and helps improve cooling. Make sure to allocate at least 15 centimetres of space around the unit. Meanwhile, the outdoor unit of a split air conditioner should be put on a flat, sturdy surface. This will protect the internal components like the compressor and condenser from excessive vibrations. It also minimises the noise output. In addition, for both window-type and split systems, make sure that there’s also enough space around the exterior. Less obstructions mean better airflow.

Hang Curtains or Blinds in Sunny Rooms

If the space to be cooled is a sun-facing room or has plenty of windows, make sure to install curtains or blinds. This way, the area won’t absorb too much heat and make the air conditioner work harder than it should. For those who enjoy an outdoor view, simply draw the curtains or blinds at times when the sun isn’t so harsh.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Once your air conditioning unit is installed, set a maintenance schedule with your Perth air conditioning service provider. Regular maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner is efficient and will stay in great shape for years.

With these installation tips in mind, you’re sure to get the most value out of your air conditioner. This will be true whether you’re getting one for your home or your office—allowing for a more comfortable time through even the hottest of days.  


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