5 Dangerous Sings Which Ruins Your Home Wiring

electrical installation

With the day to day technology and home appliances being innovated and improved, there are still many factors that lead to ruining your home wiring system. It can be either a factory, office, or at the end of your own home. There are many different types of hazards and dangerous factors that result in destroying your whole home wiring which needs to be taken care of. Well that being said, it should be noted that these dangerous signs can be easily eliminated if a person pays attention to these and take them seriously. If you don’t know about the danger signs, then there is nothing to worry about as this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through electrical installation and five dangerous signs that can ruin your whole home wiring.

Poor writing electrical installation

One of the key things to notice in your home wiring is the type of wiring that has been installed and to make sure that the electrical installation is neither weak nor defective. This type of poor and defective wiring does not do anything but only increases the chance of it catching fire. Other problems also arise such as arc faults and power surges. For this reason, it is advised that one should not handle the electrical work of his home by himself if he doesn’t have prior knowledge and should hire an expert for that specific task.

Outlets electrical installation close to water

In today’s time, one of the most ignored factors that no one notices in electrical installation is that the outlets are very close to the water which definitely should not be. There are various outlets in these types of locations such as kitchens, other living areas, and mostly in the bathroom. Most of us know that water is a good conductor of electricity due to which the outlets being near water is a serious threat to one’s life. For this specific reason, it is suggested that the outlets should be away from the water.

Wet hands boosts electric shock in electrical installation

As discussed earlier, water is a great conductor of electricity due to which wet hands are nothing but a serious threat as it creates and completes a path due to which electricity in electrical installation is conducted and one can easily get an electric shock. For this reason, it is also recommended not to use a dryer and electrical stuff with wet hands.

Pouring water on electrical installation if it catches fire

The most common sign that ruins your home wiring and electrical installation is pouring down the water on the electrical fires. This is highly not recommended because this doesn’t make it halt but on the other hand, it boosts and catalyzes the whole process. For this purpose, it is recommended to have fire extinguisher by your side.

Children curious about electrical installation

Nowadays it is very common that the young ones are way too curious as compared to the kids back then in our era. For this reason, they are very curious to know what is behind that electrical installation and sometimes they even put their hand into switches. This can be prevented by counseling them properly and telling them the consequences of it.


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