Time to unravel blue ray protection glasses

blue ray protection glasses

Blue ray protection glasses are that which block blue light and help you avoid all its ill-effects. These either consist of an anti-blue light coating or X-blue lenses that block 100% blue light from digital devices.

Blue light is a high energy visible light that can enter through the cornea of your eyes and hit the retina, thus, damaging it. A damaged retina can lead to eye problems like macular degeneration that can further lead to vision loss as well.

Moreover, blue light also hampers the production of the sleep hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for signalling your body that it’s night time and thus, time to sleep. But the blue light doesn’t let this happen. Eventually, this causes poor quality of sleep and insomnia in the long run. The lack of sleep further raises your chances of experiencing depression.

Blue ray protection glasses are used by people who spend quite a few hours on digital devices every day and need to protect their eyes. These include regular office goers of the new era and gamers who can’t even take breaks for the fear of losing the game. They are also used by coders and people who are addicted to social media these days.

What are the advantages of using blue ray protection glasses?

The primary advantage of using blue ray protection glasses is instant relief. Even after prolonged usage of screens, you feel no eye strains, no headaches, no blurry vision and no dry eyes. 

For coders and gamers, it means less blurry vision and more ability to focus. Thus, improving their performance. 

Protection from blue ray also helps you avoid diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. Macula, here is the central part of the retina that experiences the most damage from blue light.

This protection also helps you sleep better and thus, avoid depression.

The mental well-being so achieved can be utilised in your daily activities giving you a better life to live.

Do the glasses provide blue ray protection, if they have UV protection?

Many eyeglasses have UV protection thanks to an anti-UV coating on their lenses. But that doesn’t mean that they protect you from blue light as well.

While UV light is not part of the visible light spectrum, blue light is. And that too, of the high energy visible spectrum that makes it dangerous. 

Thus, we can’t depend on an anti-UV coating to protect our eyes from the ill-effects of blue light. That’s why we need something as advanced as X-blue lenses for digital blue light protection.

Just for clarity, having blue lens glasses also doesn’t mean that they provide UV protection. Both blue light and UV light have to be fought with different soldiers.

What are the best anti-glare computer blue ray protection glasses

Digital Blue

We call a product like glasses best when they are comfortable, great at their job, and affordable as well. We know exactly the place where you can find the best anti-glare computer blue ray protection glasses. Specscart designs its digital blue protection glasses with X-blue lenses that block 100% blue light from digital devices. However, they do not block the essential blue light that comes from the environment. That’s because that type of blue light is necessary for our body’s circadian rhythm. 

Also, when you buy glasses online from Specscart, they come with free anti-glare, anti-UV and scratch-resistant lenses. That means you don’t have to worry about glare and the harmful UV light as well.

So, get cracking. Choose from the extensive assortment of styles and colours that we have for you. And make them into blue ray protection glasses aka soldiers for your eyes.


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