How To Create A Cozy Space For Your Pet Inside Your Home

Cozy Space For Your Pet
Adorable dog on pet bed in stylish room interior

A pet can be a real source of our joy. They’re loyal, don’t talk balk, and they give us their time, attention, and appreciation. At the same time, our pets can also help us reduce our stress levels, anxiety, and depression. They can ease our loneliness. They can also encourage us to play and exercise, and even help improve our cardiovascular and mental health.

While pets need our love, care, and attention, they also need their own private space where they can rest, sleep, or hide in space. Being naturally programmed as den animals, a small and contained space with the right temperature can make them feel relaxed and safe. 

The comfort and well-being of your pet is a primary need that you must provide; a comfortable pet is a happy pet. With some adjustments in your home, your pet can have their own personal space. Here are 16 areas to consider.   

1. Under The Stairs 

For pet owners with some free space under the stairs, this can be a great spot to set up a resting space for your dog or cat.  When creating a private pet area under the stairs, some of the things to think about are: 

  • Soundproofing to help minimize disruption for your pet. 
  • Appropriate bedding and blankets to help to keep the pet warm during the cold weather. 
  • If there is a door to the under-stair space, it will be a good idea to add a pet door of the appropriate size. 
  • Install a pet-friendly light as needed, but in a way that minimizes the possibility of your pet breaking it. These are just some of the many great ideas that you can consider when you want to make your pet a wonderful under-stair space.  

2. A Single Room 

Having a single room for your pet is another great option. This is best for pet owners who have more than one pet. There are different pet-friendly designs and decorations you can explore to bring your pet’s room to life. Some things to consider include:

  • The full room can serve not just as a resting place for your pet, but also a room to play. 
  • You can store their toys and other items in the room and rotate their toys as they get bored. 
  • You can also hang toys for them to swipe at or pull on to help stimulate their muscles and encourage play. 
  • Use colorful carpets, rugs, or other flooring materials that are suitable for pets. 
  • Use shelves to store food and toys and to prevent unnecessary destruction. 
  • Create mini bedrooms within the room if you have more than one pet. Use pet-friendly cages or boxes, some comfy pet beds, and soft blankets.

Make the room as fun and calm as possible for your pet so that, even when you are not around, your furry friends can still have a great time on their own.

3. Cabinets

If you happen to have some extra large or pet-sized cabinets in the house, whether in the living room or the kitchen, you can make a cozy spot for your pet.

Make the cabinet air-permissible with the right door types that permit enough ventilation as well as entry and exit of the right size. You can also use crates and crate liners to cushion the cabinet up. Design at will.

Don’t forget to put a comfy pet bed and blankets, some colors and toys, teething or scratching posts, feeding bowls, and everything else you feel your furry friend would need.

4. The Garage

The garage is another great spot where you can create a cozy corner for your pet. If the space is free of cleaning materials, tools, vehicles, and forgotten home articles, the garage becomes even more perfect to create a cozy space for your pet.

With ample space to spare, your pet gets its corner to lord over and play without restrictions.

Equip your garage with some nice pet bed, blankets, pet toys, and a means to detach the sleeping corner to keep everything in order. You can carve out the sleeping corner and let the rest of the area be your pet’s absolute domain.

Pay attention to the temperature because this is vital for the comfort and survival of your furry friend. If the temperature is mild and friendly, you have nothing to worry about as your pet will be quite alright. However, if the temperature in your garage too hot or too cold, then you need to use heaters and air systems to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet.

5. The Laundry Room

As a warm and clean area, your pet can get a cozy spot in the laundry room. If you have ample space in your laundry room or even an extra cabinet that is unused, you can create a nice and decent private resting space for your pet.

Allocate a cozy space for your pet in the cabinet for something more permanent and more home-patterned. Alternatively, use a spot under the big folding table in the laundry room where it’s pretty covered enough but with space and light. Even a small area in the laundry room will do.

Whichever you see fit in the laundry room, you will need to add the pet bed, of course, with blankets and pillows for comfort. Don’t forget the toys too, something chewable or things they can play with that you can get at The idea of getting toys for your pet is to prevent your pets from using the other items in the laundry room as their playthings.

6. The Basement

How about turning your pet’s cozy spot into a place of rest as well as a fun game center? You can create this space in your basement. The whole going up and around before getting into the basement can become an added game for your pet to enjoy.

If you are fine with this basement idea, ensure that the place is of the right temperature, pest-free (rats and cockroaches most particularly) as you do not want your pet screeching, barking in the middle of the night because of these critters.

Make the place as clean as possible and put in toys to keep your pet busy. Clean feeding bowls, a basket for toys, and feed should help and prevent the pet from scattering things everywhere. There should also be proper lighting and a comfy bed with blankets for a refreshing rest. With all these provided, your pet gets can have fun finding its way to, from, and around the basement.

7. Corners 

You know those corners that are too small to use for a person, too small to put pieces of furniture, too awkward to make use of but still big enough to fit a pet in there. Those kinds of corners are great for your pets to have their own little space.

Corner space can be found in a corridor, living room, kitchen area, close to the office, or any corner at all. Try and make the best of it for your furry friend.

You can add a bed, blankets, toys, and other things, depending on the available space. It is possible to set up a cozy space in this kind of apace with little or no effort because you don’t have to raise new structures, design extensively, or change the look of that area of the house outright. 

8. A Pantry or Closet

Just as the cabinet is eligible, so is the pantry or closet in the house. Ensure that there is enough space to fit your pet, of course, and that the place has enough ventilation to avoid suffocation, as well as an appropriately sized pet door.  

You can fit in smaller doors or retouch the original doors to make it more livable for your pet. With cushions, blankets, and a bed in the corner, you will have successfully created a cozy space for your pet to rest, sleep, and hide away when necessary. 

9. The Window Sill

The window areas of your house can do just fine for a cozy space for your pet. With little or no adjustments, you might even see how your pet finds a comfortable and cozy spot to rest along with a great view of the outside world. 

The windows that are most suitable for pet resting spots are the wider window sills that can accommodate a person or two to sit. If you do not have such a spot, you can create a small area directly facing the window to provide you pet that view. 

With a simple pet bed, blankets, and cushions, the window sill is ready for use, and your pet will definitely be comfortable. 

10. Sunny Spots

Sunny spots in the house, if used properly, will do just fine for a resting and chilling place for your pet.  

Simply find a spot that is often sunny and bright enough and fix a pillow or a pet bed there for your pet to lounge on some sunlight and enjoy the view. It’s simple, practical yet very cozy and comfy.  

11. The Balcony

Well-secured and covered balconies can also be great cozy spaces for your pets. Aside from the regular sunlight and fresh air filtering through the balcony, your pet can also get a high view and breathe some fresh air in days it can’t venture out of the house. 

A simple cushion, blanket, or pet bed is perfect for balcony spots. Some toys can keep your pet engaged. If your balcony is fitted with bars or perforated concrete that allows your pet to see outside, then all the better. 

12. In the Wall 

If you want to go all the way for the comfort of your pet, you can carve out a comfortable pet space in the wall in the house. With the right architectural work, you can create a wall space big enough and cozy enough for your pet to call home within your home. Make it comfortable with some nice insulations to avoid scratched walls and fit in bed and blankets. With that, your pet is all set for a cozy home in a home.  

13. The Mudroom

A mudroom is a perfect place for you to create a little space for your pet to have some rest and private time. Fit in a crate into the room or set up a corner for your pet. You can also use existing fixed shelves in the room and turn it into the perfect cozy pet spot. Whichever you choose, your pet will definitely appreciate as there is space to rest and enough space to move around.

14. The Bedroom


If you do not mind having your pet in your bedroom, then you can stake out a nice spot for your pet near your bed.

Get a crate into your bedroom if your pet is a big-sized one and needs some ample space. If not, you can install the box in a cabinet in your room. With the right materials, you can create a chic and elegant pet crate in your room to the delight of the pet that always loves to be in your company.  

15. The Garden Patio

The garden might be open, but the patio or garden shed provides a sheltered, cozy, and relaxing spot for you and your pet to have an excellent time.  

Simple beds will do the job here as there is no need to make anything too elaborate. The environment itself is cozy enough, particularly during spring. Your pet will get to rest there with you after having some fun in the garden and you both need a break to relax. 

16. Pitch a Tent

Yes, you can actually pitch a cute little tent or a huge tent for your pet depending on its size or your taste. The good thing about the tent is that you can pitch it anywhere with a little space in the house, from the living room to the study room, or anywhere in your rooftop or yard.  

Just get some beautiful bedding for comfort inside the tent and blankets too, and voila your pet’s cozy spot is ready. Feeding bowls can be placed right outside the tent, of course, to avoid a mess in the tent at all times. 


Creating the perfect cozy space for your pet is not much of a big deal as the house is more than equipped with different spaces that can accommodate your pet. All you have to do is make the best choice of where and then go ahead, equip and refurbish your pet’s place for the best cozy and comfy experience. The 16 opportunities described in this article should give you more than enough options to consider.


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