The Benefits of Installing Whole House Water Filters in 2020

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Water supply is something that most homeowners take for granted, without considering its true effect on their health. Replacing tap water with the bottled type isn’t a solution, as you are still exposed to its toxic effect when having a shower, cleaning, or doing laundry. 

The only way to ensure that clean water comes out of every tap and shower-head in your home is by installing a whole house filter, which is connected to the mainline. This filter is capable of replacing all the individual filters around the house, thus being a more convenient and definitely more affordable variant. 

By eliminating the presence of dangerous contaminants, the whole house filtration system has proven to be beneficial both for homeowners and the environment.

Take a look at its main benefits in detail.

Removing harmful contaminants

The greatest benefit of installing a whole house filtration system is the removal of all hidden pollutants that are found in your drinking water. The types of contaminants differ across areas and supply systems, but they are all extremely harmful to your health. 

The most common chemical that is present in almost every household is undoubtedly chlorine. Homeowners are exposed to this contaminant whenever they drink a glass of tap water or have a shower, without being aware of its damaging effect on their health. Regardless of its amount, chlorine can cause a series of allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks, particularly in people who suffer from respiratory problems. Visit this page to learn more facts about chlorine.

Fluoride is another substance that can affect your health if being exposed to it for a long period of time. It is capable of impairing the function of your immune system as well as affecting your cognitive abilities. Also, homeowners in some areas experience a greater amount of aluminum in their drinking water. Although this mineral isn’t harmful in small amounts, it can worsen the symptoms of some diseases like Alzheimer’s, if being consumed in abnormal quantity.

Furthermore, lead is considered to be an extremely dangerous substance, which might happen as a result of old pipes in municipal or private supply systems. Even the slightest amount of lead can be detrimental to humans’ health, particularly to children, affecting both their physical and mental abilities. In case the analysis of your household water shows traces of lead, a whole house filter should be immediately installed. 

Being less exposed to toxins

Apart from harming your health through drinking water, contaminants are capable of affecting your well-being when having a shower, doing laundry, or using your dishwasher. For instance, some toxins may ruin your garments by fading their color or making the fabric feel uncomfortable whenever you wear them. Your washing machine might end up damaged as well since these substances are infamous for causing defects to appliances. 

In addition, a whole house filter system can prevent chemicals like chlorine from damaging your skin. Whenever this substance comes in contact with your skin, it causes dehydration, which might eventually lead to eczema. Visit the following link:, to get familiar with the types, causes, and symptoms of this skin condition. Instead of using special filters for your shower, the whole house filter eliminates chlorine from the entire water supply. 

Greater convenience

Another incredible benefit of installing a whole house filter is the amazing convenience in comparison with using separate filters. You will no longer have to remember the maintenance and replacement tasks for all filters in your household since you’ll have solely one. It also won’t affect your home décor, as too many filters are never easy to ignore around the house. 

Moreover, children can safely drink water from every tap, without parents constantly being concerned that they might use one of the unfiltered sources. Your everyday tasks, such as cooking and doing laundry, will become simpler and healthier as well. Most importantly, you’ll feel relieved that all family members, including your pets, use clean sources at all times.

Longer lifespan of your household appliances

The increased amount of contaminants may cause a gradual deterioration of your household appliances. These substances, particularly minerals, continuously accumulate on taps, washing machines, and dishwashers, thus increasing the probability of defects.

Nevertheless, a whole house water filter can prevent plumbing defects from happening, owing to its ability to eliminate the accumulation of minerals. Consequently, you won’t have to waste your money on hiring plumbers to repair the damage or on purchasing brand new appliances.

Better taste

Numerous homeowners face problems with their drinking water, due to its horrible taste and smell. It’s common for water in some regions to taste like metal, as a result of iron traces. Also, some contaminants might cause it to smell like Sulphur or dirt. 

Since most homeowners are repelled by such disgusting smell and taste, they purchase bottled water as a convenient solution. However, instead of spending your money on this product every single day, investing in a whole house filtration system will enable you to drink it from the tap again. This filter will significantly improve its quality by eliminating the pollutants that are responsible for its awful flavor and smell. 

Cleaner environment

Apart from protecting homeowners’ health, whole house filtration systems protect the environment as well. By installing such a system in your home, you’ll automatically cease purchasing bottled water, thus helping the environment. 

Since most bottles are made of plastic, people pollute the environment with every single plastic bottle that is thrown in the garbage. Considering the incredibly slow degradation process of plastic, it’ll have a negative environmental impact for hundreds of years. 

Anyhow, a filtration system would eliminate the use of plastic bottles, as you’ll be able to consume tap water, instead of purchasing the bottled type. Also, a whole house filter costs significantly less than constantly purchasing bottles over the years. 

Wrap up

Installing such a filtration system is amazingly beneficial for numerous reasons.

Consider it as an investment in your family’s health! 



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