Want A Seamless Vow Renewal Ceremony? Here’s How

Vow Renewal Ceremony

The renewal of your wedding vows may seem a bit cheesy; but, it can be a very good way to reinforce your bond with your partner. There are several milestone years when you can reasonably do the vow renewal. Couples who have been together five years often do it as a sign of faith, while couples who have been married for a decade or more can have it as a celebration of the union. Though vow renewal ceremonies are simpler than weddings, you still have to prepare for them properly. Here are some tips on making that happen.

Decide on the Date and Venue

Many vow renewals happen on the anniversary of the original wedding, but that is not set in stone. When planning for a vow renewal, the important thing is to nail down the date and the venue well ahead of time. It depends on what sort of event you want. Many people opt for a simple and personal occasion, so this usually means a small venue. Some people do their renewals out in nature, which is good if the original wedding was a location-based one.

Limit Your Guest List

An important thing to remember about vow renewals is that you’ll want it to be smaller than your original wedding. Usually, people decide to invite their family and close friends. Of course, their children are part of the list. But you can choose to make it a big celebration, too. Narrow the list though and don’t invite people you don’t know well. It would be a good idea to send out an RSVP to keep tabs on how many people will be coming. On the invitation, there needs to be the date, the venue, and the dress code for the occasion.

Prepare Your Outfit

One thing you have to decide on is what you will be wearing. Many people take their original wedding outfit and use it for a special occasion. It would be a good idea to try it out several weeks before the renewal. For men, outfits are much easier to alter, while women might need some special changes. If they still fit, however, you would still need to take them in for professional laundry services so that they are in great shape for the big day.

Hire the Right People

You can’t do vow renewals on your own. The two most important people you need to have at the ceremony are the officiant and the photographer. You’ll need to work with the officiant if you have particular vows that you want to use. Many couples choose to get the same person who officiated their wedding, or someone close to them to make the occasion even more meaningful. The photographer’s job is to record everything for posterity, and you’ll want a professional for the to be sure that the photos will be a certain quality.

Show Your Love

A vow renewal ceremony is a special occasion and you’ll want it to be memorable. Take the time to prepare for it beforehand so that you can show your partner how serious you are about your commitment. Simple acts like this can profoundly strengthen your relationship through the years.


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