How to speed up Windows 10

How to speed up Windows 10
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Everyone who is a user of Windows 10 will completely agree with me that it works like a charm. But there’s a time where you notice a significant difference in the processing speed on your PC. The leading cause of this could be various issues, including hardware failure, viruses, bloated software, and so forth.

Well, in this post you know about how to speed up window 10, I’m going to break down things you can do to speed up your computer. So before you spend your money trying to get help from tech gurus, simply follow these steps to make your Windows 10 computer run faster. And these are free tips that don’t require you to consult anyone. 

Rebooting a computer is an obvious thing. However, most people tend to forget about it. But then, thus, the first step you’re supposed to do to speed up Windows 10 when it’s slow.

Restarting your computer will refresh the memory as well as terminating any process that might be consuming resources. For this reason, you’ve to save all the projects that you’re working on before turning off your computer.

  • Turn your computer to High-Performance mode

The more you use your computer, the more it becomes slow. To speed up Windows 10, you should change the power plan of your laptop to High Performance mode.  This option can offer better performance to your Windows 10 computer. However, it can drain the battery of your computer very quickly because it uses more energy. But then you can trade electricity for speed.

To get started with this power plan, use the following steps:

Steps: Right-click the Windows Key > click power options > click additional plans options on the right side > Click the menu bar on the left to create a power plan. Then choose the High-Performance option.

  • Check for Viruses and Malware

Some malicious viruses or malware codes could slow down your computer. To get rid of these, you’ve to install and run a spyware scanner, antivirus program, or anti-malware software on your computer. The best software you can opt for is Avast, Norton, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky. Or you can simply scan your computer with Windows Security. 

  • Disable unnecessary autoloaders

Disabling unneeded startup programs can speed up Windows 10, especially if you’ve too many programs that are starting up automatically or apps that run in the background. Well, here are the steps to disable unneeded autoloaders:

Step 1: Click the “Task Manager” option

Step 2: Click the “Start up” option, which is near the task manager. That’s where there is a list of programs to choose from.

Step 3: Click the program you wish to disable

Step 4: Click the “Disable” option

Repeat the disabling process for all programs that you want to disable. But if you’re not sure about the programs you should disable, simply check the “Startup impact” to see how your programs rated. 

Warning: Don’t disable antivirus software and Microsoft programs so that they run well at startup, and your programs will be protected from virus attacks.

Notice: If you happen to delete useful data by mistake, don’t worry, you can quickly restore it with EaseUS Data Recovery software.

  • Disable or turn off search indexing

The search feature is handy to Windows 10. When you search for a word in your file, the results show up immediately. But then it can affect the performance of Windows 10. To fix this, you have to disable search indexing as long you know where your documents are located.

  • Turn off Windows Tips and Tricks

Last but not least, the solution is to turn off Windows 10 notifications. Windows 10, at times, provides tips on how you can use operating systems correctly. But when it scans, it affects the performance of a computer.

Here’s how to turn off those tips:

Click “start” > go to “settings” > “system” > select “notifications and actions” > deselect “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows”. After going through this process, your Windows 10 computer will speed up.

To wrap up

All these speed up tips don’t take long to change the performance of your machine. You can choose all or whatever advice you think can work best on your computer. After implementing these changes, you’ll notice an improvement in the speed of your computer. It will be running much faster.


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