Things You Can Do This Mother’s Day in Quarantine

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year dedicated to appreciating all the mothers around. Mothers selflessly raise children all their lives and make a host of sacrifices for them. On this day, children should do something for their mothers to make them feel special. Unfortunately, this Mother’s Day falls during the quarantine. This means that your options as to what you can do for your mother become limited. Most of the normal things that you used to do are off the table since you can’t go out anymore. If you too are at your wit’s end as to what you should do for your mom this Mother’s Day, read on.

Bake a cake

Getting a cake that tastes good from a good bakery is no doubt a sound idea. However, this quarantine you can take it a step further. Bake your own cake for your mother at your home. This will make the whole thing a more personalized. Your mother will surely appreciate your personal touch and she will value it more than any store-bought cake. Even if it doesn’t come out very well, your mother will surely appreciate your efforts.

Baking a cake is not that hard, and there are a host of easy options available. You can just bake a basic sponge cake or chocolate cake if you don’t wish to risk it. The icing can be replaced with a simple reduced chocolate sauce if you want to play it safe. Go ahead, start gathering the ingredients now!

Baking without an oven

Now, baking is a good option but not everyone has the equipment or the resources to bake. You may not have an oven or you may be lacking certain important ingredients like baking powder. Procuring things can be difficult during this quarantine. Hence, we bring you a way to bake something without an oven or baking powder. We can use the water bath technique to cook up a nice sweet dish.

Just take a grinder, pop in a few chocolate biscuits, and add a dash of milk. Grind this mixture till you get a thick paste. Now put this paste into a small glass bowl along with some melted butter. Add some cream, some more biscuit powder and you’re all set. Now take a deep cooking pot and half fill it with water. Put an empty inverted steel dish inside ensuring that the back part of the dish comes out of the water. Now, place your bowl of ingredients inside this pot but on top of the inverted dish. Cover the pot with a lid and turn on the gas.

Leave this entire setup on the gas for about 15-20 minutes. By the end of it, you’ll find that your bowl of ingredients now represents a wet cake. It may not look very appetizing but it is sure to taste heavenly. This is not exactly baking but it will get you the desired effect. You can even throw in a good chocolate sauce to make it taste better. You can even add Bananas or Mangos within this cake for a personal touch. Feel free to experiment with this as much as you like.

Cook her favourite dish

Your mother has been cooking for you all her life without ever complaining. At least today, you should try to cook something for her. You must be knowing what her favourite dish is, so get to work. Try to cook it without her getting to know about it. You can try cooking early in the morning before she wakes up in order to surprise her. Even if you’re unable to cook her favourite dish, try to cook something she likes. She will surely appreciate your efforts even if things don’t turn out exactly as you planned. She will also be happy that at least she doesn’t have to cook one meal today.

Take up the kitchen

Cooking is a lot harder and a lot more time consuming than you think. Your mother has been cooking for the entire household 365 days a year, 3 times a day without any break. Out of all the days of the year, at least on Mother’s Day, she should get a break. But the household won’t feed itself. You should take up the mantle and cook for the entire house today. It may sound tedious but this is something you should take up in order to let your mother relax.

Plan a menu for the day. Throw in things your mother would like to eat. Don’t take the easy way out just because you’re cooking and you don’t want to put in the effort. Cook up something palatable and compare your culinary skills to your mother’s. Make sure your Mother knows about your plans though so that she doesn’t start cooking right after waking up.

Make her something

Mothers value something personal and meaningful over something money can buy. Hence, instead of opting for something store-bought, make something for her yourself. You don’t have to go overboard with this, you can make something as simple as a card for your mother. Just make sure that it is meaningful. It might have been ages since you’ve drawn or painted but it is worth a shot. You can even make a creative collage of all your cute pictures together. This is something that anyone can do regardless of their prowess in art.

Video call or host a Netflix watch party

In case you and your mother aren’t in quarantine together, then things might be difficult. If local bakeries and restaurants are delivering, order her a cake and order meals so she doesn’t have to cook. Make sure to get on a video call with her and not just a normal call. You can also opt for a Netflix watch party and watch something you both will like.

Final Thoughts

This Mother’s Day falls under peculiar circumstances. Make sure you put in extra effort this time around in making your mother feel special. Appreciate her presence in your life and her sacrifices with meaningful gestures.


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