6 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind While Going on a Long Biking Vacation

Long Biking Vacation

Bike trips are always adventurous and hold the potential to activate adrenaline in most people.

Plus, the smooth, sweet pleasure of riding across the beautiful roads, ah, it’s heavenly.

But, there’s this one thing with such rides. If safety is not assured, any beautiful biking vacation can turn into a painful visit to the repair shop or even a hospital.

That’s an experience that no one would like.

So, be smart and follow these safety tips when you go on a biking vacation!

1. Choose a Bike That You Are Comfortable With

Whether you are going to ride the bike or be a pillion rider, the bike that you choose must be comfortable to sit on.

As you are travelling on a two-wheeler, you may anyway have to deal with dust, sunlight, pollution and whatnot! Amidst all of this, an uncomfortable bike can make this trip a tough challenge for you.

Bikes that are uncomfortable can disturb your body posture leading to hidden injuries and severe body pains.

Keep yourself safe from this. Choose a bike that’s comfortable. Preferably a cruiser will be your best bet for a long bike ride.

2. Have Space For Saddlebags

For a long biking trip, you may have to carry a lot of stuff with you. And you can’t carry all of this in one small bag. Also, it can be painful and highly uncomfortable to carry a heavy backpack throughout the ride.

That’s why you must install a saddlebag carrier on your bike.

Two of these carriers, one on each side of the pillion, can hold two bags containing all your important stuff.

And if you have a lot more to carry, you can also explore your saddlebag options online or by personally visiting the market.

3. Get a Riding Suit and a Certified Helmet

Wearing a riding suit and a helmet will keep you safe from dust, and other weather conditions that you may have to face on your ride.

Also, these suits are designed to bear crashes. So, if in the worst case an accident takes place, your riding suit and helmet will protect you from severe injuries. That’s the primary purpose of wearing safety gear!

Get a riding suit that covers your entire body. Yes, your legs and arms as well. Also, a pair of gloves, riding boots and a helmet.

Here’s a wide range of stylish motocross helmets to keep you safe in most cases, maintaining your style quotient at the same time.

4. Don’t Miss Breaks

If you are planning to complete a long stretch in one go, you may be doing the wrong thing.

First of all, this will keep you from enjoying the bike trip. What’s the fun if you don’t stop at places and click pictures of beautiful sceneries?

Secondly, this can tire you to painful extremes. Don’t hurt your body and mind like this. Keep taking short, refreshing breaks every once in a while.

5. Pack Enough Food and Water

Although you should not be overpacking for a bike trip, some amount of food and water supplies should be by your side at all times.

This will help you stay hydrated and energized on the trip.

A biking vacation can be more tiring than a bus, train or a plane trip. If you fall short of food and water, the adventure can turn into an unpleasant memory.

So, be smart and avoid such situations.

6. Follow Road Safety Rules

This is one of the most important entries on the list. Wherever you go, ride only in the two-wheeler lane. Follow traffic rules and ride under the speed limit for that particular road.

Also, don’t forget to use blinkers/indicators while turning on the road. Always test your bike’s electricals before leaving for a bike ride.

Final words

Safety, while going on a bike ride should always be the priority. In this post, we shared six safety tips that you must follow while riding for your next biking vacation.

Hopefully, this was helpful.


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