This inexpensive accessory makes taking baths so much better

inexpensive accessory

Dim the lights, get your aromatherapy candles out, drop in a bath bomb, grab a nice chilled glass of wine, and submerge yourself in a bubble bath. After a long and tough day, few things out there are greater than a frosty and a warm bubble bath. There is nothing more enraging, though than sinking into the balmy caress of your tub’s embrace only to have a strained neck a few minutes later-which is where bath pillows come in.

What is a bath pillow?

As the name implies, a bath pillow is simply a pillow that you use in a tub during a bubble bath. Think about it- how many times have you placed your neck on the edge of your tub, soaked in deliciously warm water after a long exhausting day only to end up with a strained neck or back? 

Bathtub cushions are designed to help you avoid all that. Luxury bath pillows can allow you to transform your bath time into a serene spa-like experience, which explains why they have become somewhat of a sensation. 

More and more individuals are discovering the benefits and the pure relief offered by bath pillows. Once you have tried one, you will find it completely impossible to go back to taking bubble baths without one; it’s really that good.

But why not just use your regular ol’ pillow- you ask

Unlike traditional bed pillows, bath pillows are not designed to be slept on- although you’ll most probably end up falling asleep anyway. Bathroom pillows are designed to be placed on the edge of the tub at the point where you would typically rest your head when relaxing during your bath. 

Bath pillows come with features such as sturdy fixings, as well as adjustable positions so that you can enjoy optimal comfort. Most bath pillows can fit into any tub or bath and because they are easily adjustable, it is easy to find the perfect relaxing position for your neck and back once you have climbed into the bath. The result is a truly cathartic experience.

The best bath pillows are durable

If you are going to spend money on something like a bath pillow, you want to know that you are spending your money on something of value. Bath pillows are used primarily in humid and moist atmospheres so you want to make sure that they can withstand these conditions.

The best bath pillows are manufactured using an impenetrable mold that prevents any water leakage. Within the mold is a high-quality foam or rubber material that ensures that you have a soft surface to rest your neck on so that you do not end up with a stiff neck.

There is a bath pillow out there for everyone

Bath pillows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For instance, there are older-style bath pillows that are used for general baths. However, others come with unique teardrop designs that add a touch of sophistication and luxury to an otherwise lackluster bath experience. When it comes to the finishes, they ran the gamut from those with a quilted leather effect to those with a glossy black finish. 

Why you need a bath pillow

The benefits of bath pillows are varied. When you sink into a bath, you want it to feel as though all your worries are melting away. You deserve the best when it comes to relaxation, which is one of the many reasons that you deserve a quality and comfy bath pillow. Some more reasons why you should get yourself one include:

Deal with less pain

Though the bathtub was created for the ultimate at-home relaxation, it can sometimes force you to take up rigid and often unnatural positions. This can make baths extremely uncomfortable and it can also cause aches in the neck, shoulder, and back.

After setting up the mood to suit you perfectly, the last thing you want is aches and pains after a bubble bath. Bubble baths are supposed to help you release your pain and anxiety not cause more of it. With a quality bath pillow, you no longer have to worry about finding a comfortable position.

Avoid slips

Most injuries and home accidents that occur in the bathroom take place as a result of the slippery nature of a bathtub. Due to the tub’s surface, it is a lot easier to slip down too far down the tub or even worse hit your head against the side or edge of the tub. 

Fortunately, bath pillows are designed to help you keep your head and neck from sliding. The best bath pillows to buy are those that come fitted with strong suction cups that will keep the pillow firmly in place.

Enjoy a more relaxing bath experience

As mentioned earlier, bath pillows are an inexpensive accessory that can help taking baths feel so much better. If you think that your bubble baths cannot get any better, wait until you try a great bath pillow. 

With a bath pillow, you will start to look forward to your baths as it will offer you the comfort and ease that you are missing. With this simple accessory, the hard and rigid edge of the tub no longer has to worry you.

They come with excellent features

Some bath pillows are embedded with features such as pressure points, which can help you relieve any built-up pressure in your joints or muscles. If you suffer from shoulder, neck or back pain, you would especially find such a bath pillow to be useful.

Other bath pillows are designed with flat headrests, as well as flaps to support your head and neck from the sides. Bath pillows that are contoured but firm are just the thing to help you avoid suffering from a stiff neck.

Final Thoughts

Feeling a little beside yourself? Well, it sounds like you could use a nice long soak in a bubble bath. But before you grab your wine cuddy and your favorite magazine, don’t forget to include a bath pillow. With a quality bath pillow, you can be sure that both your head and neck are supported so that you can stay relaxed throughout your bath.


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