Why Data Security is Important for Everyone to Practice

Data Security

Digital technology plays a major role in peoples’ everyday life, from online shopping and internet banking through to business and government network infrastructure and much more. Unfortunately, despite all the benefits this technology brings, it also means cyber-attacks are becoming more common.

Because of this, it’s important for both individuals and businesses to ensure that their digital devices, emails and online transactions are fully protected by effective data security systems. IT security should be a high priority for everyone to ensure data is always protected and won’t be altered, destroyed or disclosed to unauthorised people.

What is Data Security?

Data security is the practice of protecting the data on your computers, databases and websites and preventing it from being corrupted or accessed by unauthorised persons. Data can be secured with the use of various types of hardware and software technologies, such as antivirus software, encryption software, firewalls, two-factor authentication, updates and more. 

Why is Data Security Important?

Whenever you use the internet, your data security is facing potential risk. In fact, many online working practices such as remote working, Wi-Fi, using portable IT devices, and even using a PC or a laptop at the office can increase the risk of your data security being compromised. 

A company’s cyber security measures can be breached by hackers using malware who are trying to access your data without authorisation for various reasons, such as causing system failures, implementing computer viruses, stealing sensitive data, and other malicious intentions. 

Having your data security breached can lead to catastrophic consequences, particularly for businesses. Not only can your business operations become interrupted, but having your privacy and security breached may also damage your company’s reputation with your clients. 

Data Security Breaches Can Lead to Financial Loss

The main reason why data security strategies must be implemented is to prevent financial loss. Data is an important asset that must be safeguarded at all times, as losing information or having it become compromised can directly cause financial losses. Any data that has been stolen or altered can lead to financial losses that you may not become aware of until it’s too late. For a business, investors and clients who learn about your data security breach may lose confidence in your company and give your competitors their business, causing further financial loss. 

How You Can Better Protect Your Data

Many companies train their IT staff in data security practices by having them undergo a certified secure computer user training course. These interactive courses are designed to up skill staff by teaching them the necessary information and skills that will help them to protect the company’s information assets. Students will learn about a wide range of potential information security threats their devices may encounter, including credit card fraud and identity theft. The skills students learn in a certified secure computer user training course can help them to identify potential threats to their data security as well as how to handle these threats to reduce risk.


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