Best Budget Friendly Home Improvements for 2020

budget friendly home improvement

With an unpredictable Real Estate market in 2020 due to the Corona Virus outbreak, people are looking for budget friendly ways to improve their homes. For many folks, their dreams of home renovations with big budgets disappeared when the epidemic hit. Now, those larger projects are being put off for more economical ways to update and add to your home’s value, on a budget.

Let’s take a closer look into some popular Real Estate markets around the country, that showcase interesting and fun upgrade composite doors bristol options.

Outdoor Space Featured in Waterfront Homes

To find homes with trending upgrades you don’t need to look any further than waterfront Treasure Coast homes for sale in 2020. They provide a plethora of upgraded features you can copy, only using much less money Orangeries Bristol. One of the most popular features is the outdoor space and how well it provides visible and physical access to the water.

For example, if your looking to upgrade a waterfront home without breaking the bank, you need to concentrate your attention on the usable outdoor space. Let’s face it, anyone looking to buy a waterfront home wants to take full advantage of the space closest to the water.

Painting Outdoor Space Makes a Big Difference

An easy way to upgrade outdoor space is to paint what is already there. Not only does painting make the space feel new and fresh, but you get to completely change the color and feel all together. Take a moment to research the colors that match your ideas for the space, taking care to add value, along with personality.

Make sure to start by thoroughly cleaning the entire area you wish to paint with a pressure cleaner. Then, apply a first and second coat of paint, depending on how it looks after the first coat. Often taking the time to put additional coats of paint will make look better and last longer.

Remember that you don’t have to paint everything just one color. In fact, many of the most expensive Treasure Coast Real Estate showcases different color schemes, that match the flow of the property over-all.

Lawns & Yards

Although some lawn and yard projects can get pricey, there are many ways to enhance your yard on a budget. Remember that the moment someone pulls up to your house the first thing they see is your front yard. This is a huge opportunity to upgrade this space and maximize your homes curb appeal.

If your lawn needs attention you don’t have to hire expensive services that plan to re sod your yard which can get expensive. On the contrary, all you need to do is spread new lawn seed over the entire area, water, and wait. Within a couple weeks to a month, your lawn will be green and amazing.

The back yard may have more variables to deal with than the front. Like if you own a pool home with a fence. You may want to further enhance the area nearest the pool with flowers and planters. Or, simply spread the same lawn seed around the back yard too. This totally depends on your style.

However, many people incorporate their favorite flowers and plants near the pool to change the feel from in the water or looking at the pool from the patio. Flowers like roses, sun flowers, and orchids, can make a space feel upgraded, without spending a fortune.

High End Laminate Flooring

Yes, laminate floors can be a cheaper alternative to tils, or marble upgrades. However, the newer laminate flooring available today offers a luxurious feel that mimics wood floors, tile, or even marble designs. If you pay a bit more, you can find high-end laminate flooring that looks and feels exactly like the latter.

In fact, today’s laminate floors are easy to install and can be done as a DYI project yourself. But if you need help it is not difficult to find someone to install it for a fee.

The positive impact that new floors have to a home’s look, feel and value are apparent the moment you lay eyes on the finished project.

In many cases you can even apply the new laminate floor directly over top the existing flooring. This can save you even more money on demo and labor charges.


In the current economic landscape, it’s never been more important to save money. Plus, adding value to your home by doing simple upgrades that can increase your homes value over time. According to top Realtors who are experienced in selling homes, making small changes where it counts makes any property feel better. Lawns, landscaping, new paint, and focusing on outdoor space, will give you a wonderful place to enjoy the upcoming summertime fun, while adding value when you sell in the future.


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