Expert Tips When You’re Looking for Love as A Jew On Dating Websites

Jew On Dating Websites

In previous years, Jewish singles would turn to their local matchmaker to find love. Luckily, times have changed. With an abundance of Jewish online dating sites, it’s much easier to find someone that is compatible. 

Because online dating has become completely overcrowded with fake profiles and people only wanting to hookup. It is vital that you follow some guidelines when you want to track down your perfect partner. Especially if you are Jew on dating websites, looking for someone who shares the same belief system and values, here are a few expert tips you can follow:

  1. Track Down Jewish Dating Sites

You wouldn’t go to the technology shop when you are looking for vegetables, now would you? When you are looking for singles from a specific demographic, you won’t find them in mainstream dating sites. Rather track down matchmaking sites that are specifically aimed towards Jewish singles. 

Read a Jewish dating site review to see whether it’s worth your time and money, if there’s any subscription fees involved. Signing up for the right site or two, will ultimately determine your success. 

  1. It’s in the Profile

Even if we do fall in love with the person’s personality. When you browse through hundreds of profiles it’s inevitable that you will judge a book by its cover. Having a decent profile picture is extremely important. 

Here are a few expert tips on taking the perfect online dating photo to grab attention: 

  • Don’t wear sunglasses, show your eyes
  • Smile
  • Make sure the photo quality is good
  • Take the photo from a flattering angle
  • Don’t over edit, your photo should be a near-reality depiction of what you look like in real life
  • Have a few options, potential partners are more likely to start chatting with you when they’ve seen a few different photos of you in different scenarios
  • Don’t crop out an ex or share photos of yourself and someone else from the different gender
  • Do add puppies and anything cute or sexy

Once your photo is perfect, you should grab attention further by adding relevant information. This is the part where you really showcase your personality. Talk about your hobbies and what you’d like to do over weekends. Making sure potential partners know what you do for a living, is also important in attracting the right kind of person. 

Try to use words that sound friendly and inviting, rather than ignorant or too confident. When you name a list of things you don’t want in a partner you will only show insecurity.

Click here for more tips on creating the perfect profile. 


  1. Be Transparent

It’s extremely easy to put up a front when you are hiding behind a cellphone screen. Try to be yourself, no matter what. When the person you have started to talk to, don’t like certain parts of your personality – then you can move on to the next one. 

Always be honest and completely transparent about what your religion and beliefs are, as well as what expectations you have from the online dating experience. If you are in the market to start a family as soon as possible, then you shouldn’t say that you aren’t interested in starting a family. 

Being honest will help you attract the right partner.

  1. Only Meet Up When you are Compatible

Many online dating sites focus on meeting up only to hook up. If you are looking for something serious, then you should only arrange a date when you feel like you and the other person are compatible. 

See whether you and someone else is compatible here:

Chat with as many people as you like (don’t reveal this at first though). You’ll start sifting out your favorites and then you can move on to meeting them. It’s important that the conversation flows and that you feel like they are accepting of the person that you truly are.

Dating is a daunting prospect in itself, opening yourself up and being vulnerable can be quite scary. It’s important that you have clear expectations and back off whenever you see a few red flags. 

As long as you follow the above expert tips, you’ll be able to track down that someone special in no time. 



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