Great Ideas for a Unique Night Out in London

Unique Night Out

No two nights out in London are ever the same, even if you’re travelling on a budget. There is so much variety in the city that you will always be able to find something new. Its diverse population have brought the best parts of their cultures together, creating a fusion of entertainment, food, and activities from around the world. 

If you’re planning a night out in the British capital, here are some things you can do:


The Hippodrome originally opened as a variety performance theatre back in the early 20th century. It continues to serve up a variety of entertainment today. Under one roof, you’ll find several bars and dining options, shows like Magic Mike Live, and one of the gaming floors in London. 

Tucked away in the midst of the Hippodrome is its specialist poker room, where everyone from rookie chancers to hardened pros duke it out night after night, all under the watchful eyes of the experienced croupiers and dealers. There really is every imaginable version of the game available there, be it standard Texas Hold-em or even weird variants of the game such as Badugi and Razz.


Mini golf has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with new indoor venues opening up and down the country. While many of them offer a similar experience, Puttshack has introduced some innovative features to its games that make it more exciting. 

Gone are the little fiddly pencils used to write down your score at each hole. Instead, automatic technology tracks the movement of your ball and putter, letting it score automatically for you. 

They’re also able to create arcade-style games that add a new dynamic. For example, you can play a pinball inspired game that completely changes the mini-golf experience. 


Taste Some of the Best Indian Cuisine in the World

Fish and chips are no longer the UK’s most popular dish. The British classic was overtaken by the chicken tikka masala several years ago, with most Brits loving a curry. While Indian restaurants are ubiquitous across most of the country, London has some of the best in the world.

Whether you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful like Hankies Marble Arch, or something more upmarket like Namaaste Kitchen, London has something for you. A particular highlight is Cinnamon Club near St James’ Park, where you’ll find many classics as well as some dishes with a twist. For example, you’ll find tikka pigeon and pistachio korma. 

Watch a Show

London is full of world class entertainment and a lot of up and coming talent. The famous West End shows are among the best-rated theater performances in the world, including Wicked and the Lion King. Meanwhile, Leicester Square’s cinemas are the location of many blockbuster premieres, with the red carpet being rolled out regularly. 

There’s also plenty of other shows on in London, with a rich comedy scene. The famous Apollo theatre sees many legendary TV comedians like Lee Mac, Jo Brand, and Russell Howard perform live. While smaller comedy clubs, such as the one at Camden Lock offer a more intimate experience with rising talent and the occasional appearance from big name comedians. 

Ballie Ballerson

Do you miss the excitement of diving into a ball pit? Well now you don’t have to, as Ballie Ballerson brings a cocktail bar and an adult ball pit together to make a very unique night out. 

With more than one million balls you can dive in with friends, start a ball fight, and take some very unique photos for your Instagram feed all at the same time. It’s Shoreditch venue has recently been expanded, with two separate pits to dive into. Combined with plenty of music, pizzas and some nostalgic drinks, Ballie Ballerson is a night out like no other. 

Book in advance though, as the ball pit is a popular attraction and you may not be able to get in without a booking. A ticket will get you 2 hours in the pit and all night access to the bar. 


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