Marijuana and Running: Top 5 Things to Know

Marijuana and Running

Nowadays, Marijuana is becoming popular as it is being legalized in most of the states in the USA. For a long time, using marijuana has been a “no-no” to discuss in the runner’s tent. But, as it is gaining popularity, more and more runners are sharing their opinion regarding the use of marijuana, it’s products, how they use them in their training sessions. 

Benefits of Marijuana for Runners

Can marijuana is helpful for improving athletic performance? Or, do its negative side effects surpass its benefits? (ambien) It is becoming the talk of the town. So, without further ado, let’s check the benefits of using weed before or after running a sprint. 

#1 Reduce Inflammation Muscles and Connective Tissue

Using marijuana can reduce muscle and joint inflammation. According to some study, the nonpsychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana help athletes to ease inflammation. Those who are dealing with pains and wants to recover from a past injury or surgery, medical marijuana can help them at its best. In fact, the benefits of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are incredible when it comes to recovery from injury. 

#2 Relieves Monontony and Improve Focus

For a runner, improving focus is vital to winning a competition. In most cases, runners feel monotony as they are doing the same thing again and again to improve their performance. For example, a marathon runner needs to run a long-distance regularly to build up stamina and intensity. In fact, they need to run the same course repeatedly, to be ready for the final marathon race. 

This is monotonous, isn’t it? 

To relieve the dullness, a runner can take marijuana. It helps the runner to set a new mindset every time he uses it. If you are a runner and your running routine is getting bored, why don’t you try a couple of sips before your start and feel soothing?  

Focus is another most important thing to consider while you are running. If you lose your focus a bit, you can lose the entire game with a glimpse of an eye. In that case, cannabis can help you to stay focused on your game and be less destructed. 

#3 Relief Pain and Improve Sleep

If you are a runner, you should know that muscle spasms are one of the serious issues that prevent you to run comfortably. Because, in most cases, it is very painful. According to some studies, marijuana is very helpful for relieving pain. It can even help you to reduce muscle spasms. As marijuana contains anti-inflammatory components, it has some beneficial effects on relieving pain and muscle recovery. This is why marijuana is often prescribed to athletes with Multiple Sclerosis. 


We all know that sleep is very important for every human being especially a sound sleep. After stretching or doing exercise a lot, sleep is mandatory to gain stamina for the next day. But, what happens when you cannot sleep well? 

You will be happy to know that marijuana is very helpful for having a sound sleep. In fact, if you have the REM sleep disorder and daytime fatigue, using marijuana can help you to relax. Not only that, but marijuana is also very helpful to decreases stress levels. Thus, it improves sleep duration and quality. So, if you want a sound sleep, consult your doctor to get a marijuana dose. 

Negative Effects of Marijuana on Exercise

We all know that exercise is the key thing to make one’s fit and strong to run faster. Without proper exercise and practice, it’s very difficult for you to win any competition. 

But, what happens when you consume marijuana at a high stake before taking exercise? 

Let’s check some demerits of using marijuana: 

#1: Damage Lungs

It is proved that smoking causes serious damage to the lungs. No matter you smoke weed or cigarettes, smoking is very bad for the lungs. As a runner, your lungs are the most useful asset as they let you breathe while running. 

Comparing to cigarettes, marijuana contains four to five times the toxins, irritants, and carcinogens. Though all marijuana products are not consumed by smoking, you should contact some professional athletes to get some tips on cleaning the marijuana from your body with the best THC detox kit. 

#2: Increase the risk of heart attack

It is proved that taking marijuana at a high stack can cause heart attack and increase the risk of stroke.  Consuming cannabis before or after an exercise or completing a run increase the chances of a heart attack even within a maximum of one hour after consuming it. 

Anyone with previous heart issues should consult a physician before taking marijuana as a medicine for improving athletic performance. 

Final Words

Though there are some strong shreds of evidence regarding the benefits of using marijuana, consuming it too much can cause serious damage to health.  Therapeutic qualities of marijuana help runners to ease their pain. Thus, it is becoming popular with many athletes especially to long-distance runners. So, let’s hope that they will use it on demand to make a successful run. 



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