Why Reclaimed Wood Panelling Is Becoming The New Interior Design Trend


Wood never goes out of style. We’re always finding new ways to incorporate wood into our interiors – or sticking with classic designs. Interior design trends appear and then fade, and one trend that’s on its way up is reclaimed wood panelling. 

Reclaimed wood has been a popular design choice in the last few years, used on tables, floors, walls, and more. And with high-quality peel and stick wood wall panels, installing reclaimed wood walls has never been easier. At the Wood Veneer Hub, we’ve put together five reasons why reclaimed wood panelling sheets are becoming a new interior design trend: 

1) Sustainability

2) Easy installation

3) Instant character

4) Versatility

5) Adds comfort 

It’s Sustainable

The use of reclaimed wood in interior design is part of the broader trend of upcycling. In flats and townhouses from New York to London, people have been basing their design choices on creating new items from what they have. Re-purposing old furniture and building materials contributes to environmental sustainability, reducing waste. 

Reclaimed wood panels, sourced responsibly and made from recycled materials, also promotes sustainability. The only difference is that you don’t have to find and work with the reclaimed wood yourself. The panels are already made and you just have to install. You benefit from both the rustic look and the environmentally friendly solution.

It’s Easy to Install

Covering a room or even one accent wall with reclaimed wood sounds like a big job. If you’re DIY-ing it totally, you have to measure and cut them to size, then install each board one by one. Adhesive wood panels have become so popular because they save the trouble of installing reclaimed wood by hand. 

Sometimes, design trends are the result of functionality. Wood panelling is a practical choice, taking little effort to set up. Panels can be cut to size and placed on your wall in no time. For homeowners and flat-dwellers, the ease of assembling a particular design influences their decision – making reclaimed wood panelling a smart and trendy choice. 

It Adds Instant Character

Salvaged wood has a distinctive style. It instantly lends a rustic look to a room, and depending on how you use it, can complement other styles. Reclaimed wood panelling in a library or office can infuse history and nostalgia into; in a living area it can offer warmth and comfort. Salvaged wood panels also have the charming quality of bringing the outdoors in. Those who crave a natural ambience are drawn to reclaimed wood décor. For this reason, reclaimed wood furniture is also perfect for decorating any outdoor spaces, like a terrace or patio.

Reclaimed wood is unique, which is why some people shy away from decorating with it. But salvaged wood panels can add character without overwhelming the rest of a room. Pairing the wood with other, basic features like white or light grey flooring helps offset the striking tone salvaged wood sets. 

It’s Versatile

Because salvaged wood has such a characteristic look, it’s easy to assign it to only one style. But this type of wood panelling suits more than just the rustic look. Dark oak and pine woods will, of course, create a more naturalistic ambience. Salvaged wood in grey, white, or walnut, however, can actually produce a modern feeling. Designers and homeowners have gravitated toward reclaimed wood for its adaptability. 

With reclaimed wood wall panels, you’re only limited by your design skills. You can add the panels to an accent wall, install them on the ceiling, or create a piece of décor to frame your bed or other furnishings. By choosing wood panelling, you can carry out any reclaimed wood design project you have in mind easily, since application is low-maintenance. 

It Makes the Space Feel Inviting

Another reason designers and homeowners choose reclaimed wood is for the sense of comfort and homeyness it creates. With natural textures and colours, salvaged wood connects us with the outdoors. You can enjoy the organic atmosphere while staying safe and cosy at home. The simplicity of reclaimed wood also creates a sense of harmony between the indoors and the outdoors.

It’s hard not to feel welcome and comfortable in a home or room designed with reclaimed wood. When complemented with the right design elements, the result of salvaged wood panels is striking and familiar at the same time.

Final Thoughts on Reclaimed Wood Panelling as the New Interior Design Trend

Reclaimed wood panels are a sensible and stylish design choice for any homeowner. They’re popular because they’re versatile, easy to install, and their distinctive character is hard to replicate with another material. For all its practicality and style, it’s no wonder reclaimed wood is becoming a new interior design trend.


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