Online Blackjack – A Modern Way to Enjoy a Casino Classic

Enjoy a Casino Classic

It is been about a quarter of a century since the gambling industry moved online. Worried how change will be accepted, gaming companies started with only one game. But it was their brightest star – online blackjack. And the response was awesome! Actually it was so amazing that in just a couple of years the market share of online casinos like wplay went above 50% of all casino play worldwide. Naturally, more resources were invested and today the iGaming industry is operating a market for billions of dollars! Online Blackjack – A Modern Way to Enjoy a Online Cricket Betting ID Classic-

How it all began!

Actually there is no evidence about the creation of the game. Just a couple of pieces scattered here and there. The most trustworthy ones of them are leading to Spain or France as the home country of the game named Twenty-One. The connection to the name is simple – every player is aiming to collect 21 points from the two cards they are dealt without exceeding it. 

The exact time when blackjack was created? May be somewhere at the beginning of the 17th Century if we take the tale “Rinconete y Cortadillo” for a source of information.

The Evolution to Online Blackjack

“Blackjack” is how we call Twenty-One today. It was renamed because of the American players. When it reached their lands, the local bookmakers wanted to popularize it quickly. So they offered a bonus for every player who has an Ace and Jack of clubs or spades (a black one). That hand was called “Blackjack” and insensibly the nickname replaced the original name.

Essentially, the blackjack game is one of the most preferred among gamblers. Mainly because of the simple rules and the involvement of the player in the action once the croupier starts distributing cards. If we compare it with roulette, for example, you have control only while placing your bets. Once the spinning starts you can only watch and hope for the best.

If you choose to play blackjack, however, it is a bit different. Once you receive your pair of cards you can decide whether to stand, hit, split or surrender. You can even make an insurance or double down it if the rules of the chosen blackjack casino allow it. 

When the Internet conquered the hearts and minds of people all businesses saw an endless opportunity and immediately started to fill the gap. Online blackjack was presented to the audience with only one table first. But quickly all gaming platforms adjusted to gambler’s appetite and made it easily accessible for everyone, 24/7.

Advantages of the online blackjack

Nowadays, playing blackjack online is amazingly easy and intuitive. We don’t even have to mention how comfortable it is to do that from your own living room. 

You don’t have to deal with crowds and can choose either to play alone on the table or with additional players. If you have advanced skills, the newbies can ruin your efforts and strategy.

Furthermore, you can choose when to enjoy your favorite game. Even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning you are still going to be warmly welcomed.

A big advantage in online blackjack is how financial operations are dealt with. Firstly, you have an enormous choice of payment methods – from credit cards and wire transfers, through PayPal and various eWallets. Some casinos are even accepting cryptocurrencies. 

Moreover, the cashout is significantly easier and faster. You don’t have to wait in front of the cashier desk to redeem your winnings. Just click the button and it’s all done.

In order to draw new players, online Arab casino is offering enticing bonuses. As a result, if you are not certain that online blackjack is what you are looking for you can benefit by investing relatively small amount at the beginning. Most of the leading websites offer a 100% match up of your initial deposit amount. It’s not easy to withdraw it but at least it will prolong and enrich your gaming adventure

Live online blackjack

If you are willing to play online blackjack for real money, undoubtedly you are looking for the ultimate experience. No matter how amazing the graphics are soon you will be willing to switch to something more thrilling. In order to keep players’ attention and to satisfy every taste, the iGaming industry developed and applied playing games through live streaming platforms. That innovation increased automatically the interest and sky-rocketed the market growth. Today, live blackjack is the most preferred real-time card game


It is no coincidence that among the huge selection of casino games players are more likely to choose the blackjack card game. It is fun and the “Return to Player” coefficient is above 99%. It is stunning as the experience itself. Online blackjack is still evolving and the leading software providers are constantly coming with new features and variants to amaze us. Remember though, play responsibly!


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